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Apr 1, 2012 08:22 PM

Need 30 person private room good food (italian?) (from san francisco)

Hi --- greetings from the west coast ---

I'm charged with organizing an after-memorial-service meal, and I've been living in San Francisco for quite a while (grew up in Delaware). I'd like your help!


1) should have a private room that's OK with us coming in on the early side of dinner (4pm-ish), sized at around 30 people

2) full bar

3) I'd like the food to be good, but "straight ahead" is fine. One of the old school italian places? American? Fish? Steak? Tapas? French, maybe? That side of the in-laws aren't exactly foodies. But, you know, _good_ food

4) service is on the Penn campus, but I know we'll have to drive and repark. Still, something on that side of town would be good, doesn't have to be University City, but nothing too far.

5) Price isn't exactly an issue but shouldn't be hyper expensive. Someplace in the $25/30 entree range, maybe.

Here's a quick list of downtown and size from opentable:
Palm restaurant - ganzi room
The prime rib (expensive?)
Tavern 17 lounge
table 31
la scala's
cafe valentino
bridge foy's


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  1. Prime Rib would be my first choice. Glenn St. Coeur was most cooperative when I had a group eat there.

    You can get a private room with a prix fixe menu under $40 for three courses.

    1. Thanks for the help! No other suggestions for a downtown group?

      Eats at Fork or Palm?

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      1. re: bbulkow

        Your list looks ok but I would strike off Tavern 17, La Scala's, and Bridget Foy's if you are looking for great food. I haven't heard great things about Table 31 in the past but haven't heard much recently.

      2. Prime Rib should be just right. Their prix-fixe menu offers choice of meat, poultry or fish so everyone should be satisfied.
        Capital Grille is another one to consider. Before 6pm, there is an excellent prix-fixe menu for $39, with choice of filet, fish, poultry as an entree.
        Both of these places have lovely private rooms.We have been at private parties at both,
        and they have always had excellent food, drinks and service.

        Fork has a very good chef - I don't know their prices, but the food would be good.
        I would cross off la scala, valentino, and bridget foy. Haven't been to Chifa, but I think you are better off with a regular "American" menu .

        We have many terrific Italian restaurants in Philly, but most of our favorites are not in center city or are byob - no full bar - or have no private room.

        What day of the week is it? You may have a problem with 4pm.

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        1. re: sylviag

          Frankly, the web site scares me. The funny glossy black look is like a las vegas morgue.

          I'm not looking for a prix fixe.

          The Palm looks better. Table 31 looks better.

          1. re: bbulkow

            I would take the chowhounds' advice over the aesthetics of the website... just saying...

            1. re: barryg

              The menu at Prime Rib 's really too limited for a large general-purpose group.

              And, now the family is dithering over whether to have the event at all --- but I like the menu at Table 31 and Palm, so those are my recs, thanks for the help!

        2. I should add that Palm would be fine, too.