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Apr 1, 2012 08:09 PM

Best bets at Chelmsford Rt.4 rotary Starbucks?

Next month my weekly evening yarn gathering will move there since our current indie spot will start closing at 5. I haven't been to a Starbucks in years. Heard something about them now offering alternatives to dark roast (loathe it - my preferred home brew is DD decaf, but a stronger brew than DD stores pour). What are the best decaf hot or cold lighter-roast choices, and what are their best food items? I am asking about that specific location since I understand selections and quality vary. TIA

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  1. That location has the Clover brewing system. There are usually 4-6 different coffees brewed by the cup - either hot or over ice. I have never eaten there.

    1. This is my regular Starbucks Grey. They do an excellent job here, better then most locations. They recently renovated it and all the furniture is new. As mentioned, they have a clover system here and you can select your beans. They also roast a Dark, Medium and Blonde roast. The Blonde roast is probably what you want to try if you like lighter coffee.

      Food items? Not too sure on that one. I would not plan on getting a dinner there. Maybe a sweet to go with your coffee?

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        If I have to get food at a Starbucks, I generally opt for one of the sandwiches (generally the veggie one) and ask them to warm it up. It tastes much better that way.

        Also, are you asking for either a "hot decaf" OR "cold light-brew"? I ask because I'm not sure if they have a cold Blond roast option, otherwise I'd suggest doing a hot Blond cup.

      2. Reporting back that although we all wish we could still meet at our original spot, I'm getting good light roast decaf, both hot and iced, from the Clover system at the Rotary Starbucks. Tried a couple of their sweets, which are both awful and awfully expensive. Everyone seems to stick to drinks. Nationwide, Starbucks is known to have sub-par food items and one wonders why they don't either improve their food or stop offering it. They must have a lot of unsold food every day.

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          Their "light" roast is still a dark roast compared to the excellent light roasts we have from purveyors like Barismo and Counter Culture. I just find their coffee extremely unpleasant. When I get a gift card and buy the very most expensive Clover they sell, it is still overroasted to the point of losing all nuance and flavor. Really too bad. As for the food, I avoid that too, but can at least report that they recently bought a Bay-area bakery called La Boulange for $100m, so they will either soon be ruining La Boulange as well or will have better pastries. :)

        2. This is more of a "chain" comment, I suppose, but if you don't like the over-roasted coffees that are Starbucks' stock in trade, I'd recommend either one of the Blonde roasts on the Clover or an Americano -- both of those tend to avoid the 'char' flavor that's become their signature.