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Apr 1, 2012 07:47 PM

The perfect soup to serve with buttermilk biscuits?

I have a houseguest coming in from out of town, arriving around lunchtime, and when he arrives I'd like to have a pot of soup made and some biscuits prepped ahead and stashed in the freezer (I then bake them from frozen).

What soup do you think pairs wonderfully with biscuits, that would make a nice lunch? I'm willing to make a salad alongside, if I must :)

I don't know why this is giving me so much trouble. I guess I feel like most of my soups seem to call for cornbread (chili, lentil soup, black bean soup) or crusty baguette (minestrone, potato leek), but there must be a soup out there that would be perfect with biscuits. Any ideas, hounds? No dietary restrictions or anything, but bonus points if my 3 year old will enjoy it also. Thanks in advance!

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  1. For my taste, a starchy soup is not a good counterpoint to biscuits, nor would a milk based soup seem to be a good fit. I'd think a vegetable soup of some sort would be ideal, such as old fashioned chicken vegetable or beef vegetable soup, I think. Or perhaps a Manhattan clam chowder. I think a not too creamy tomato soup pared with cheese biscuits would also be good.

    1. Tomato, corn chowder, or ... gravy.

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          My first thought was stew (close to soup....)

      1. I think my first question, Butterfat ( great moniker, BTW), is why are biscuits the focus?

        If you make soups, and have bready-sides that call to you for those, why are you making biscuits this time? I would think that would set you on the course for the soup to go with them; since you seem to have a connection of what side with what soup?

        For biscuits, I would think chicken and dumpling, chicken noodle, Ham and kitchen-sink veggie with thyme and rosemary as main seasonings. Perhaps Artichoke bisque and put some finely chopped chives and ham in your biscuits?

        Cheddar cheese soup with herbed biscuits - maybe beer in the cheese soup? This should definitely have a strong-flavored salad along side; arugula, baby spring lettuce, anchovy dressing. That kind of thing?

        Do tell more about your ideas about WHY you want to serve biscuits, please.

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          good question!

          a) I have some really good buttermilk I want to put to good use and
          b) my friend and I used to live in North Carolina (we've both moved since) and used to cook and eat a lot of biscuits there (usually with gravy . . . ) and so it would be a sort of sentimental thing to serve.
          c) I'm pregnant and craving biscuits :)

          I think those are the main reasons!

        2. I'd go with split pea, serving biscuits instead of croutons.