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The perfect soup to serve with buttermilk biscuits?

I have a houseguest coming in from out of town, arriving around lunchtime, and when he arrives I'd like to have a pot of soup made and some biscuits prepped ahead and stashed in the freezer (I then bake them from frozen).

What soup do you think pairs wonderfully with biscuits, that would make a nice lunch? I'm willing to make a salad alongside, if I must :)

I don't know why this is giving me so much trouble. I guess I feel like most of my soups seem to call for cornbread (chili, lentil soup, black bean soup) or crusty baguette (minestrone, potato leek), but there must be a soup out there that would be perfect with biscuits. Any ideas, hounds? No dietary restrictions or anything, but bonus points if my 3 year old will enjoy it also. Thanks in advance!

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  1. For my taste, a starchy soup is not a good counterpoint to biscuits, nor would a milk based soup seem to be a good fit. I'd think a vegetable soup of some sort would be ideal, such as old fashioned chicken vegetable or beef vegetable soup, I think. Or perhaps a Manhattan clam chowder. I think a not too creamy tomato soup pared with cheese biscuits would also be good.

    1. Tomato, corn chowder, or ... gravy.

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          My first thought was stew (close to soup....)

      1. I think my first question, Butterfat ( great moniker, BTW), is why are biscuits the focus?

        If you make soups, and have bready-sides that call to you for those, why are you making biscuits this time? I would think that would set you on the course for the soup to go with them; since you seem to have a connection of what side with what soup?

        For biscuits, I would think chicken and dumpling, chicken noodle, Ham and kitchen-sink veggie with thyme and rosemary as main seasonings. Perhaps Artichoke bisque and put some finely chopped chives and ham in your biscuits?

        Cheddar cheese soup with herbed biscuits - maybe beer in the cheese soup? This should definitely have a strong-flavored salad along side; arugula, baby spring lettuce, anchovy dressing. That kind of thing?

        Do tell more about your ideas about WHY you want to serve biscuits, please.

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          good question!

          a) I have some really good buttermilk I want to put to good use and
          b) my friend and I used to live in North Carolina (we've both moved since) and used to cook and eat a lot of biscuits there (usually with gravy . . . ) and so it would be a sort of sentimental thing to serve.
          c) I'm pregnant and craving biscuits :)

          I think those are the main reasons!

        2. I'd go with split pea, serving biscuits instead of croutons.

            1. When I think of biscuits with soup, I'm leaning towards a thick base that makes dipping a torn piece of biscuit into the soup a delicious compliment. So some of the suggestions already lentil, split pea, carrot & squash (kid friendly with mine), beef gravy based soup even a thick minestrone.

              1. Make a Stew ~~~ Soup 'N Biscuits doesn't ring a bell......Cornbread is a different story.!!


                1. I would say sausage gravy would be a much better choice.

                  Or maybe chicken noodle

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                    I'm in the chicken-noodle camp...or even beef or turkey noodle. Something with a clear broth, lots of vegetables, a few noodles. You can be fancy and make your own noodles very easily for this, just flour/salt/egg into a very stiff dough in your food processor or Kitchenaid (you can hand-knead, of course, but the dough is going to be really stiff), roll out, slice and let dry for a little while (even ten minutes) while you make the soup. Or instead of noodles, float some gnocchi or tortellini in the broth. I think soup & biscuits sound just fine, particularly if you make a nice biscuit.

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                      I like this playful take. I would avoid anything that is too starchy. My first reaction was a simple cream of broccoli, and if you can get any good tomatoes, serve the biscuits as sandwiches with good mayo, tomato slices and thin ham slices.

                    2. Recently my bonnet was invaded by a bee that wouldn't leave until I attempted to duplicate the only worthwhile thing on Red Lobster's menu: the cheddar biscuits. Someone recommended the Marie Callender cheese biscuit mix so I got it on Amazon, only to discover that: 1) it's not the same, and 2) it was on the verge of expiration. There are 12 packets, each making 5-6 biscuits,
                      so I've been doctoring them up and having a lot of soup & biscuit meals. Really, I think they go with anything. If you want something hearty enough to be the main meal of the day, a legume-based soup is ideal. Thinner soups are more lunch-appropriate. One of my favorites is to dice and deeply sear some kielbasa, adding chopped onion and garlic to deglaze the pot. Then add
                      low sodium chicken or vegetable broth and apple cider in a 2:1 ratio. Into the mix put chopped cabbage, carrot, celery, and your choice of starch - barley, wild or brown rice, or already-cooked small white beans. Bubble away until the starch is tender. If using the cooked beans, don't add them until the other vegetables are halfway done. Close to the finish line, add diced peeled, cored apple. I season it with Old Bay and a splash of balsamic vinegar at the end. The cabbage is the main ingredient, volume-wise.

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                        I will here and now confess to having worked at Red Lobster and tell you how they are made. Mix grated cheddar into your favorite biscuit mix (Bisquick is the closest I've seen, but haven't tried Marie Callender), then make according to directions. While they are baking, melt half a stick of butter. Stir in garlic powder (not salt) and parsley, to taste. As soon as they come out of the oven, generously brush them with the butter mixture. With a LOT of the butter mixture. You want some to sink in, not just glaze the top.

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                          I also worked at Red Lobster (small world!), and since they were owned by General Mills at the time, it was definitely Bisquick, and Bisquick only. Mix in the shredded cheddar, bake and after done brush with Whirl (not butter!) mixed with garlic powder and parsley immediately. Voila! This was in the 1980s, when these were first introduced, so some changes may have occured later on.

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                            Thanks, coll ad katecm. That's pretty close to what I've done. The MC mix is stingy on the orange cheese powder. I tried adding some but didn't add enough extra liquid and got a bad texture. Then I used yogurt rather than milk, melted butter rather than oil, grated cheese, and chopped scallion. I like the scallion and garlic powder equally. They've turned out tender and light this way. I can get away with less butter/margarine than RL uses.

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                              You have to use real cheddar, in case you used powdered only. Otherwise it was just follow the Bisquick instructions, but if you want add-ins like scallion, or sub butter for oil, go for it!

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                                Now, just don't tell anyone our little secret. They might revoke our Chowhound cards.

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                                  This comes up so often here, if it's that popular then it's gotta be Chowish! I know we always had to test one off every pan that came out of the oven, quality control you know.

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                                    I had a one-a-day max that I set for myself after about a week. It was a bad place to try to diet, that's for sure. Did you ever get grossed out when people asked for extra butter with their biscuits? Or, worse, a ramekin of ranch? I'd think, "Buddy, if you only knew why these taste good...."

                      2. Something with ham. Split pea or white bean.. You seem happy with your biscuits, they must be excellent, so let them be separate, no need to think they must be dipped into the soup.

                        1. I agree with the other posters...thick is probably better. Lots of good suggestions. Being from the North, I have to add biscuits and gravy (pun intended).

                          1. Sweet potato soup. My recipe is in my head, but I googled for a sec and came up with this, which is similar: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/12/15/hea.... I use chix stock instead of water, and add a little milk near the end. the lime juice and chili are very important + i add maple syrup.

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                              continuing the sweet potato theme:

                              roasted sweet potato soup

                              1 large sweet potato (about 1 pound)
                              1 large yellow onion
                              1 large granny smith apple
                              1/2 bulb fennel
                              2-3 cloves garlic, peeled
                              2 tablespoons olive oil
                              salt, pepper
                              1 quart chicken or vegetable stock

                              preheat oven to 450-degrees

                              peel sweet potato, onion, apple (core apple) and cut into large chunks. place on baking sheet along with garlic cloves and toss with olive oil, salt and pepper.

                              roast for 20-30 minutes until vegetables start to caramelize. transfer roasted vegetables to 3-quart sauce pan, add stock and simmer for 20 minutes.

                              let cool and puree. i prefer an immersion blender. but a blender and food processor also work. check for seasoning and serve. freezes beautifully. also good with light coconut milk and some fresh ginger grated in.

                              makes 7 cups.

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                                ooh, I love the coconut milk and ginger idea. yummy.

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                                  Sweet potato soup garnished with slivers of country ham. Yummy.

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                                  That looks really delicious, danna. I'm been obsessed with baked sweet potato fries spritzed with lime juice and dipped in chipotle mayo, and this kind of seems like that yumminess turned into a soup. Hmmm. Definitely in the running!

                                3. No soup suggestions here, but I have a biscuit suggestion. Split, butter, and then toast the biscuits rather than serving them plain or plain with butter. Maybe add some freshly ground pepper and/or herbs to the flour before adding the buttermilk.

                                  1. Thanks everyone for all the ideas! I am mulling them over . . . there are some patterns but also some divisions in the responses. Several votes for more of a clear broth soup and several for more of a stew or thick soup. I like the ideas of echoing the Southern flavors of the biscuits with sweet potatoes or ham.

                                    It would definitely be easy to make a simple chicken noodle soup. I love lots of stock in the freezer and all the other ingredients I need, so that might be a good default setting if I don't get inspired by anything else in the meantime. I'll keep you posted on how things progress :) Soup day is Wednesday so I need to decide tomorrow!

                                    1. i'd be very happy to eat this lucky black eyed peas, collards and ham soup:

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                                        alkapal, I ended up doing something very similar! White bean, andouille sausage, and kale soup. Yum!

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                                          oh YUM! hard to go wrong there -- in any ratios. i adore good andouille, love white beans….and will totally embrace kale living with those neighbors. ;-)).