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Apr 1, 2012 07:23 PM

Freezing Cholent

My wife was wondering if it is possible to make cholent and freeze it until the shabbos? We do it a lot with gumbo and chili, making weeks or months in advance and defrosting on either Thursday or Fri to then heat for shabbos.

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  1. i've never actually done it, but my husband says "it's not so bad"

    1. I have done it and it comes out fine only hting is when reheating add some water -

      1. the potatoes don't freeze so well, rest is fine.

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          Out Hungarian chulent, sans potatoes, freezes fine.

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            A waxy potato like a Yukon Gold freezes well, as do small red-skinned potatoes. It is more common to use Russets in cholent, but these get watery when defrosted. I've tried putting Russets in last when making the cholent so that they are only partially cooked when they go into the freezer. The intention was to finish the cooking after they have been defrosted. This didn't seem to help that much. They were still mushy after this treatment.

            I have had a good potato-less cholent that was made with parsnips instead of spuds. Parsnips freeze well, and don't disintegrate into the cholent but they still absorb the flavor of the meat.

          2. My potatoes are fine but it never tastes as good as hot out of the pot cholent. I've frozen both meat and vegetarian versions - the meat versions taste much much better when defrosted.