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Apr 1, 2012 07:18 PM

Restaurant Sant Joan and Can Ravell in Barcelona


May I know the opening hours of Restaurant Sant-Joan at Passeig de Sant Joan 65 in Barcelona? In particular, may I know if it is opened on weekends?

Also, I am keen to visit Can Ravell and try the 30euro tapas set. My companion and I have read that the servings are big, and as we are small eaters we are thinking of only ordering one set to share. Would that be acceptable / allowed at Can Ravell?

Thanks all!

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  1. Sant-Joan only opens on weekdays and only for lunch.

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      Unless something has changed, it was DEFINITELY open on Saturdays when I lived in BCN.

      1. re: Barcelonian

        Oh I hope it's opened on Saturday! Can anyone confirm? That is the only day I can go and I was really looking forward to it

        1. re: xpastamaniaj

          You should call them between 12-3 pm. One of the waiters (elderly gentleman) speaks very good English so he can tell you. They don't take reservations but we didn't need to lineup.

    2. We were at Can Ravell today, we happen to be in that area and stumbled into their store/restaurant while shopping in that area. It was 4 pm my husband wanted to go in to check the prices for the ham at Can Ravell. I figured, why not, at least I'll have stepped in. I wasn't planning to eat there because we had reservations at Gresca that evening. There were a few customers inside to buy groceries but no customers eating at the 2 long marble white tables. So my husband politely asked the waiter if it was possible to have a quick bite and wine. The young waiter said no problem, I was surprised. Very excited, we sat down and looked at all the wines they were selling, it was an impressive collection. They even had maple syrup from Quebec (where I'm originally from) but sold it for $26 CA for 500 ml, 5 times the normal price but that's another story.

      A few minutes later, a beautiful plate of ham + bread came out along with some wine from a decanter. And they played Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture and my husband, (a big classical musical fan) and I felt really special. The waiter explained to us that the meat was cured for 6 years! This type of ham is unlike anything i've tasked, it's not salty, it's oily in a nice way and we learned it comes from the ham's natural oil and there's very little fat. There's no strange smell like the ham you see hanging at Carrefour. The wine was just perfect, rich and fruity. We were surprised nobody else came to eat at this time but I think the staff was extremely nice and courteous to serve us since we asked. We felt like we were in heaven chewing on every bite.

      We paid the bill and looked around one last time. To our surprise, the elder waiter gave us a book written by Josep M. Bastista. We kept saying thank you and we left very happy. I am not sure when will be the next time I try this delicatessen and big thanks to everyone on the boards who highly recommended this place.