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Apr 1, 2012 06:08 PM

Dining out during passover (aka. without carbs)

Hey everyone, Passover starts on friday, and I'm trying to think ahead about possibilities for dining out.
Now, I know technically I'm not supposed to eat anything that isn't Kosher, but my partner is really not religious so it's a stretch to get him even to not eat bread.
So, during the week, any recommendations for good restaurants with solid offerings that do not include:
Bread/flour etc., barley, oats, spelt, rice, millet, peanuts, noodles, legumes, corn, peas, seeds.

While I know I could probably go to most restaurants, and request no starch or whatever, I would really prefer to go somewhere that I wouldn't feel like I was being deprived too much. So their non-chametz (chametz are the forbidden foods) offerings should be as good if not better than their chametz offerings.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance!

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  1. Don't quote me, but I think Caplansky's has a Kosher for Passover Menu

    1. I'd go to a steak house - Jacobs, etc - and have steak, veggie sides, Caesar salad, etc.

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      1. re: canadianbeaver

        I was thinking that myself. I am at least allowed potatoes.

      2. I was on Mideastro Yorkville's website the other day and noticed they have a Passover menu:

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        1. Well, as much as CH has their hate on for Pickle Barrel, most of their locations have a Passover Menu.

          The Mazo Fingers and Matzo Ball Soup are not bad, all things being equal

          They also have their deli meats with Mazo bagels

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          1. re: lcohen999

            We tried the Passover menu at Pickle Barrel a few years ago and it was completely inedible. I was so disgusted that I haven't been back there since.

          2. Rosedale Diner is serving some dishes for Passover.

            Grilled or Roasted Finfish (Starfish, Zee, Volos or Joso's, maybe Malena) and veggie omelettes (Jacques' Bistro du Parc).