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Apr 1, 2012 06:08 PM

Dining out during passover (aka. without carbs)

Hey everyone, Passover starts on friday, and I'm trying to think ahead about possibilities for dining out.
Now, I know technically I'm not supposed to eat anything that isn't Kosher, but my partner is really not religious so it's a stretch to get him even to not eat bread.
So, during the week, any recommendations for good restaurants with solid offerings that do not include:
Bread/flour etc., barley, oats, spelt, rice, millet, peanuts, noodles, legumes, corn, peas, seeds.

While I know I could probably go to most restaurants, and request no starch or whatever, I would really prefer to go somewhere that I wouldn't feel like I was being deprived too much. So their non-chametz (chametz are the forbidden foods) offerings should be as good if not better than their chametz offerings.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance!

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  1. Don't quote me, but I think Caplansky's has a Kosher for Passover Menu

    1. I'd go to a steak house - Jacobs, etc - and have steak, veggie sides, Caesar salad, etc.

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        I was thinking that myself. I am at least allowed potatoes.

      2. I was on Mideastro Yorkville's website the other day and noticed they have a Passover menu: http://www.mideastroyorkville.com/ind...

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        1. Well, as much as CH has their hate on for Pickle Barrel, most of their locations have a Passover Menu.

          The Mazo Fingers and Matzo Ball Soup are not bad, all things being equal

          They also have their deli meats with Mazo bagels

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            We tried the Passover menu at Pickle Barrel a few years ago and it was completely inedible. I was so disgusted that I haven't been back there since.

          2. Rosedale Diner is serving some dishes for Passover. http://www.rosedalediner.com/

            Grilled or Roasted Finfish (Starfish, Zee, Volos or Joso's, maybe Malena) and veggie omelettes (Jacques' Bistro du Parc).