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Apr 1, 2012 06:06 PM

Walking food tour of Brooklyn?

So I will be in New York this Thursday and Friday solo. I'm a cheap eats type of guy with a big appetite and prefer to try one or two things somewhere and move on to the next place. To give you an idea of what I'm looking for, my plan for the city is Xi'an Food, Russ and Daughters, Kati rolls at the Biryani Cart, and dumpling from somewhere like Prosperity. I'm the type of person that will check out a grocery store or a whole foods in a different area just to browse and not acutally buy anything.

I tried searching but really couldn't come up with much of a list for Brooklyn. Any recommendations? I will eat anything, prefer to spend $15 or less per spot and don't want to fill up too much on any one thing.

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  1. I remembered a recent thread on this so typed in 'tour' on this board's search function and found it (and others). Scroll down and there a few good ideas for BK.

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      Take the "N" train to 8th Avenue / Brooklyn Chinatown.

      There are huge Asian groceries, bakeries, seafood and produce markets between 61st Street and 50th Street.

      Walk the route and make these stops:
      -Pacificana at 55th Street - a Dim Sum palace
      -Gia Lam at 48th Street - Vietnamese rice plates (squid or chicken with lemongrass) and at least one of their outstanding pork chops.
      -Across the street from Gia Lam, there's a Malaysian-style steam table with rice plates for $4 with 4 items piled on top (select from about 50 different items).
      -Dumplings (may also be Prosperity) at corner of 44th Street
      -Ba Xuyen - Bahn Mi sandwiches at 43rd Street
      There are additional dumpling and Lanzhou handpulled noodle places on the sidestreets just off of 8th Avenue...look closely.

      Walk to 9th Avenue. Reboard the train ("D") at 39th Street at the recently restored out-of-doors station with copper roof and old-fashioned subway tiling for your ride back to Manhattan (or deeper into Brooklyn!).

      1. re: Mike R.

        Thanks Mike, just what I was looking for!

        1. re: Rick

          sunset park is a great choice. here are some other options, copied from the thread gforce links to above. Note that the west indian stuff is in queens, but you travel through brooklyn to get to it.

          If you walk across the brooklyn bridge and do the middle eastern stuff on atlantic (and this is a great thing to do) keep going about 10 blocks further down court street and you'll find what's left of the old Carroll Gardens italian neighborhood. Get a lobster tail pastry at court pastry, some coffee at D'amico's, and some house-made soppresata at the pork store.

          Bensonhurst has great pasta and pork stores and villabate, a sicilian pastry shop like no other, plus various chinese and other places (the neighborhood has become a real melting pot)

          Or take elevated F train ride out to coney island, eat a pizza lunch at totonno's, and then walk down boardwalk to brighton beach and head into brighton beach ave. check out the russian grocery stores and restaurants. Walk up to neptune if you can and visit Georgian Bread, a takeout shop that has great bread, khachapuri, and spreads.

          For west indian, head out to liberty ave on the A train (I believe it's the ozone park/lefferts blvd stop,but someone correct me if I'm wrong) and walk down liberty ave, stopping in the trini/guyanese places to eat (I rec singh's roti house). Plus, I beleive there are some bangladeshi/Indian restaurants out there as well, as well as some Indian shopping (think there's a patel bros. an indian grocery store chain, out there)

          edited to add: the elevated F train ride to coney island is nice--you'll experience the highest point in the whole subway system and get views of the statue of liberty and the harbor. the train goes up and then down and then up again.

          1. re: missmasala

            More great recs, thanks missmasals. So much to eat so little time! I've done cheap ethnics eats in Manhattan on my last two trips, I think it's definitely time to explore Brooklyn.

        2. re: Mike R.

          I would add the rice roll cart on 8th Ave -- forgot the exact street it's located.

          1. re: Mike R.

            If you're down there, ya gotta hit up Yun Nan Flavour Snack for the rice stick with crispy meat sauce and the hot and sour wonton soup. Amazing.

            1. re: chompchomp

              If you had to pick just one, would you get the rice stick with crispy meat sauce or the hot and sour wonton soup?

              1. re: Rick

                don't make me choose!! just kidding...the first is better by a hair.

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