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Apr 1, 2012 05:20 PM

in search of private party venue for 100ish people for going away party

hello! i am leaving the country for a year and am also turning 25 (all in the same month!) i'm looking to throw a birthday/going away party for about 100 people in a private room in a bar or restaurant. ideally, the venue would be a bar in manhattan that has a private space for groups of 100 and allows the party-thrower to bring in their own food/order in. i'm open to having the restaurant cater the event, but am looking to spend less than $1,000 and don't know if that's possible in manhattan!

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! thanks!!

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  1. If you are willing to do Brooklyn, Brooklyn Winery has a space that might work.

    1. $1000 is just for the room rental? Or are you looking for food, room and open bar for $10 per person? In 2012. In Manhattan. Get my point? ;)

      Look at Jake's Dilemma / Gin Mill / Down the Hatch and all those bro bars owned by one company:


      1. $10/person for what you are asking is a little low. Does that budget include event space / food / drink?

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          yes. that's why i was wondering if i could order in food to a bar...

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            That many people you will need a decent size room. The room alone will be at least $2000, pretty much anywhere. You can try The Varick Room ( Tribeca), maybe they can figure out a way for you to get what you want. They are very accomodating
            or In Brooklyn the Bell House.

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              were hosting a large event at the bell house, and i think that it is both too large and too costly for the OP - but by all means look into it (their rentals generally include booze in the price and wont meet your 10 dollars pp budget).

              Just to be clear from your response above, you are looking for food, drinks and a private space for 10 dollars a head? having organized/help organize a number of event of various sizes and formality-levels, i think youre being a bit unrealistic. how much food or drink could you get for 10 dollars on your own? youre talking about less than a beer and falafel most places - and thats without the requirement that you have a large, private space.

              If you are amenable to divier options (and i'd think you'd have to be) you can check out no idea bar on 20th - they have drink packages which are quite flexible, assuming you are looking to pay for drinks.

              would you be okay with a no-host option? a lot of places would still probably require a minimum bar tab, but if you think you can genuinely get 100 people (which is the bar's major concern) then id bet meeting that minimum wouldnt be too big of a hurdle.