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Apr 1, 2012 05:08 PM

tempura bits

i love the soup at Kampai janpanese restaraunt in mt.prospect ill. It is a japanese restaraunt where they cook in front of you. I love the soup that is served and the crunchy stuff in it which they said is Tempura Crumbs. Where do I purchase Tempura Crumbs for soup?

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  1. The crumbs are called tenkasu. (picture I would look for it at your local Japanese grocer (or Asian grocer that stocks Japanese food). You can also make them yourself.

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    1. re: BigSal

      Thanks so much. Can I find them online anywhere in the U.S. my local grocers do not carry it.
      Thanks again

    2. i live in chicago and was just at Mitsuwa in Arlington Heights. They could not help me but that is because i was looking for fried onions. Do they carry the Tempura Flakes.

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        I would be very surprised if they didn't. I'd go there and ask for" tenkasu."

      2. These are the only sites I could find that carry it online:

        I also think you should be able to find them at Mitsuwa. My best guess would be in the aisle that has stuff like flour and panko bread crumbs.

        1. The Japanese stores in the suburbs do not carry tenkasu. They suggested that I make a tempura mix, drizzle it through a styrafoam cup poked with a chop stick that falls into hot oil to cook. Any other suggestions. How is the tensuka in the bag?