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Nathan's Hot Dogs

Where can I buy them? My mother in law said she heard there was a place you can buy them from a store other than the Orange Julep, if anyone knows please tell me cause I had them for the first time today and I'm hooked! And if they're any cheaper any where else well that would be nice too :)

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  1. I'm confused. Are you looking for a restaurant or do you want to buy them retail? I've never seen them sold at supermarkets, but I did notice that the newly re-opened Green Spot in St-Henri is serving Nathan's.

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      i believe le gros jambon uses nathan's

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        I can confirm that. Amazing bun, too. My fave dog in the city.

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        I'm guessing the person is looking for a store(not a restaurant), as getting it from Orange Julep(for example) is expensive. I'm guessing there might be a store or two in Montreal selling it.

      3. If you're looking for retail and willing to go an hour south of Montreal, the Price Chopper in Champlain, NY has a bunch, with and without skins.

        1. Buy the ones with skins as you get more sensation.

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          1. Le Bifteck used to sell them by the package, but Le Bifteck closed within the last year.

            1. Yes retail here in Montreal if possible. I don't have a passport or the money to travel to NY! And thanks for the pointer to Green Spot, I've been there before but didn't know they had Nathan's. Hopefully they're cheaper than OJ. Ideally I'd like to find them available at a retail outlet though.

              1. Good news! I spoke to a distributor and he says they'll be available with Metro Richelieu soon, he'd give me more info at the end of the week. I'll let you guys know!

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                  Can you please find out if they will be selling the dogs with natural casing? IMO, way better than the skinless. Bought 6 packages at Price Chopper in VT 3 weeks ago for $4.99 each.

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                    I just spoke to the distributor 10 minutes ago... if I had seen your post before I would have asked him! You can ask him yourself though, just go on the Nathan's website under Contact Us at the bottom left and send an email to the branded product information address and they'll give you more info.

                    And they ARE available here, directly from the distributor in large quantities (for the time being till they come out in stores), I just bought some myself :D:D:D