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Apr 1, 2012 04:10 PM

Good lunch restaurants in Sarsota FL where it is easy to hear

My grandfather enjoys going out to lunch with his friends and he loves a good conversation, but he often has trouble hearing, with the background noise in most restaurants. Does anyone have some good recommendations for a lunch spot where it is easy to hear? Fun, casual, good food. I hope others will find this thread helpful as well! Thank you!!

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  1. Last month I had lunch with three others at Libby's. It was fairly quiet and the food was excellent.
    Thailand on Gulf Gate has quiet booths.

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    1. re: prairieprincess

      Please don't recommend Libby's to anyone with hearing problems. I was there about three weeks ago for lunch. Arrived at noon, everything was fine, by 12:45 we had to leave as the noise level was unreal...neither one of us have any problems with hearing. Food is quite good..but!!!

      1. re: Mother of four

        Mother of four......we were sitting at a table next to the open doors facing the sidewalk....we were early so perhaps our experience was unique. I have Celiac disease, any restaurant that can serve me a decent tasting meal I consider exceptional. Libby's and Derek's are both wonderfully helpful. Your posting is noted and I'll consider it the next time I plan to to Libby's.

      2. Lavanda in Towles Court would meet the requirements you are seeking for your Grandfather. The food is very good, decent wine, competent, friendly service and the setting is delightful whether one chooses to sit outside or inside.Lunch is simple with only a few choices but each are good.

        Cafe Bologna is also an excellent choice for lunch--or dinner for that matter. At lunch there is not much business which makes for a delightful couple of hours. The food is excellent, a very good wine list, nice people, properly made espresso but a bit more expensive than it should be by about 10-20%. Still, that does not preclude me from going there often.

        After several disappointing meals at Libby's we have decided not to return. I think for starters that it needs competent (adult?) supervision. Notwithstanding that it is still very noisy.