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Apr 1, 2012 03:45 PM

Commander's Palace Questions

Hey all! :)

We're going to CP for lunch on Friday (yay!!) and though we have been before, I was wondering if there are any secrets we should know there an off-menu item or anything?

Also, is it appropriate for me to wear black Capri pants with nice sandals, a nice top, and a nice cardigan? I play rugby and have a vicious bruise on my leg that would be very obvious and perhaps off-putting if I wore a dress. Any thoughts?

I am so excited to be going back to New Orleans!!

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  1. Your server will know all of "the secrets" and be more than happy to divulge them to your
    table. If you are looking for suggestions, I love the Shrimp Hennican for an appetizer, the $0.25
    martinis and either the Strawberry Shortcake or the Praline Parfait for dessert. I can make a meal on the garlic bread alone. If soft shell crabs are on the menu, get them. They will be wonderful and with no hint of grease. Your attire will be fine. Hope the rugby bruise is healing.

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    1. re: TaTee

      If you are celebrating an event, let them know ahead of time. Nothing like the little extras that show up. If you think your attire is inappropriate, it probably is. If you look like you are going to a great meal at the greatest causal elegant restaurant in NOLA , you will be fine,

      1. re: Hockey19

        So do you think it's okay that I have bruises on my legs? I will wear a dress and everyone will stare at me probably? I have one huge one right above my left knee, and another above my right ankle. Now I am getting panicky. =(

        1. re: peachacid

          I wore sneakers to lunch there so I think your outfit will pass muster.

          1. re: redfish62

            Getting away with something and being within the dress code are two different things. Better to just dress appropriately, even though a hostess might miss sneakers from behind the hostess stand.
            Your fellow diners will appreciate it.
            To the OP, I think nice capris would be fine, but I wouldn't worry about the dress/bruises thing either either :)

          2. re: peachacid

            If you can pull off the Audrey Hepburn look, then it'll be fine. Besides, the standards have sunk so low that only a few us us give a damn anymore.

            1. re: hazelhurst

              I think I am going with the blue dress I'd originally planned, nude heels, and leg makeup for the bruises. They are quite vicious, though, so hopefully they'll cover up. I just panic about these things!! I don't want to be out of place, dress-wise, and I love Commander's, so. Mmmm bread pudding souffle...

              We will be in New Orleans tomorrow!!! I am so excited!!! =)

              1. re: peachacid

                You're overthinking a bit, I think. Most people won't notice your bruises, and anyone who does will be sympathetic rather than disgusted. But your pants outfit sounds fine to me too.

              2. re: hazelhurst

                One has to wonder why management doesn't uphold the standards. Galatoire's has remained steadfast with no apparent business dropoff.

                1. re: JazzyB

                  Right! I read a review on Yelp that said a woman was turned away for wearing shorts to Galatoire's...I don't understand why someone would think, "Gee, I'll wear shorts!" to that particular establishment...

                  Hazelhurst, were you the one who witnessed a group of men in jeans and flannel at CP?

                  1. re: peachacid

                    You are not going to enjoy it unless you chill out.
                    1 Dress Nice
                    2 Relax
                    3 Order Turtle Soup.

                    1. re: JB BANNISTER

                      So true. CHILL, Peach! Okay I am chill. Thanks. =)

                    2. re: peachacid

                      I agree with note of JB Bannister especially the turtle soup.

                      Although I have seen men in jeans in CP I don't know the episode you refer to. My friend who lives around the corner and eats there several times a month said he has seen everything short of a wife-beater. Probably an exagerration.

                      I was, however, one of the men who would not remove his jacket when the air conditioner blew up at Galatoire's.

                      1. re: peachacid

                        I met a woman last week who was turned away from Galatoire's for dinner because her two young boys were in shorts--but they were dressed in very nice collar shirts, belts, and nice shoes and looked very nice. She ended up at Antoine's, I think. They are sticklers at dinner time.

                    3. re: hazelhurst

                      Yes, first there is a "dress code," and then there is "what one is comfortable in," and finally, there is "what can I get away with?"

                      I seldom challenge the "dress code," and just wear slacks, a collared shirt, a blazer, and often a tie.

                      Since I was about 12, I have never had an issue. Went with an open-collared dress shirt to Antoine's, and had to wear a "paper tie." I never forgot walking through the dining room with that tie. I have never made that mistake again, though many things have changed.


                    4. re: peachacid

                      another vote - I suspect that folks won't be staring at other patrons ankles too much. (tho even with capris would that not till be visible?)

                  2. re: TaTee

                    You gotta love the 25ยข Martinis -- "Hey, don't worry, I'll pick up the drinks . . . "


                  3. We were there yesterday. My husband was concerned because he just had jeans. They let him in, no problem. I did not see one pair of shorts or a tshirt in the place, but mant prs of jeans. You are fine. It is cold in there, so take a sweater. Food was fabulous. We had the shrimo and tasso app, pork tenderloin, a pig & fig salad, a CP salad & 2 martinis. Bread pudding souffle for dessert. $49 w/out tip! Such a deal!

                    1. For the bruises, just wear dark stockings. No one will (or should they) notice.



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                      1. re: Bill Hunt

                        Too hot for any stockings. I probably spend too time deciding what to where and which shoes complement my outfit best, only to discover (everytime) no one else cares. Unless you have two heads or wear something that really sticks out, you'll be fine.

                        1. re: JazzyB

                          Then, the bruises show.

                          Simple as that.