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Apr 1, 2012 02:21 PM

Need to replace a 27" double electric wall oven, any suggestions ?

We have been looking at Viking , thermidor, jenn air, electrolux, Dacor to replace 15 year old kitchen aid double oven. My gut feeling was Viking but I am not finding any good reviews. I like to cook so I want a quality oven with the gourmet touch and not a nightmare. We have to replace a built in fridge too,looking at subzero. Any suggestions on best oven options, is Viking really that bad?

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  1. viking used to be good, but i know of two people who bought viking within the past 5 years and both of them regretted the decision almost from day one. just problem after problem for both of them. it's a shame since viking was the only serious competition that wolf/subzero had.

    1. I've been very happy with Miele, including their customer service, which to my mind is half of the contract. Not sure if they make a 27 inch, but worth a looksee. Thermador and Bosch (same company essentially) have the worst customer service I've ever come across. Eventually Thermador bought back my defective oven after about 1 year of fighting.

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        We purchased a vertical stack of Miele equipment starting with a warming drawer, then a fabulous convection oven and topped with their combination speed oven. We bought the equivalent of their 27" models but they fabricate to metric standards so our cabinet fabricator was actually creating openings for a 60 cm product which is roughly 27" wide. Set up, install and test calibration was by a certified technician.....worth that minor expense. Incredibly wel designed and detailed. Not one single problem with any of the Miele appliances including one of their dishwashers. We'd buy them again in a heartbeat.

      2. Sometimes knowing what NOT to buy is as helpful as a purchase recommendation. I've got a Bosch double convection oven that's a couple of years old. I hate, hate, HATE the touch pad control panel. Other than that, it works fine. It never occurred to me to try out the control panels when I was shopping for ovens. In fact, that may be nearly impossible to do in most stores. But for me, having to live with the ongoing frustration of using an over-engineered component is a lesson learned.

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          I agree. If I see buttons that say things like "pizza" I run the other way.

        2. I would highly recommend an Electrolux. I have had it for almost 4 years and it is fast to preheat, bakes very evenly and the service has been outstanding. You hate to have to have it serviced but when there was an issue with the enamel when I first got it, they replaced the whole oven immediately.

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