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Apr 1, 2012 01:40 PM

Fresh Tofu sources in downtown Toronto

I have bought fresh tofu at a restaurant in Etobicoke, and loved it. I found the thread in Chowhound about a restaurant in Etobicoke selling fresh tofu. But I live downtown Toronto and would like to buy fresh tofu on my way home. I am not far from Koreatown but honestly don't know what to look for. Any suggestions?

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  1. Buk Chang Dong Soon Dubu (SE corner of Bloor/Clinton) might sell the soft tofu that is in its soondubu jjigae, but am not 100% sure since it's been a year since I've last visited. You may want to call and check.

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      Thanks, Isk. I checked Buk Chang Dong Soon Dubu recently (May 2012); unfortunately they do not make or sell tofu (or that is what they told me). I shall try the other recommendations and update.

    2. Sanko down on Queen sells fresh tofu - ask at the back of the store. It's pretty good.


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        Agreed. Sanko sells nice Japanese-style tofu, which is soft and good for eating as is (with soy sauce) or in miso soup. Depending on how many squares you order you may get it in a plastic bag. Transfer tofu to a bowl or Tupperware and cover completely with water. Drain and replace the water daily.

      2. Ying Ying makes really great homemade, hand-cut tofu. Their fresh tofu is the firm kind. I like a lot of their different smoked and marinated varieties as well. The main store is in St. Lawrence Market, but it's available at various places around Toronto. Check out the "where to buy" page on their website.

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          Thanks for the suggestion, 5secondrule.
          I finally got around to checking the St. Lawrence Market outlet of Ying Ying. Unfortunately for my purposes, their tofu was pre-packaged, like the pre-packaged tofu I buy in my local store. The tofu I ordinarily buy packaged is also made in Mississauga, where Ying Ying's factory appears to be situated. Perhaps if I went to Ying Ying's factory I could find what I want, buying unpackaged fresh tofu by the pound or kilogram. But that would defeat my purpose to find a place selling unpackaged fresh tofu in walking or cycling distance to me, since I already know and am pleased with at least one place in Mississauga that sells unpackaged fresh tofu. My pursuit for some place within walking or cycling distance continues. I suppose my next stop is Sanko. It is not close to me, but might be worth walking to on a nice day.

        2. there's a spot that makes tofu in the same row as essence for life in kensington. their stiffer tofus are packaged up but the soft-med are in the loose containers. the smell and all the water running around the outside of the place definitely says they make it there.....

          i don't buy/eat a lot of tofu so i can't say much about how it compares flavourwise but the texture has been right on.

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            The place in Kensington is called Fong on Foods (46 Kensington Ave.) and they definitely make tofu on site. Have never bought tofu from them but that's the main product they make on site.

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              i keep meaning to try their cheung fun rolls and the fermented rice cakes... but timing is always off!

          2. Have you been able to find your fresh tofu? I like the fresh tofu from Tofu Superior. I usually get it from an ethnic grocer but they have their factory on Weston. Not sure if they sell to the public.


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              Thanks for the update! P.S. I've bookmarked your blog. Will try; some of the recipes.