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Apr 1, 2012 01:20 PM

Where to purchase Pho noodles

I have made my own Pho soup a few times now but am puzzled on exactly what type of noodle all the Vietnamese Pho restaurants use. I tried the rice threads (mai fun) from Taiwan. They were much too thin and did not like the texture. I have looked at several supermarkets and see no better options. Do I have to go to an Asian food store? Any suggestions near Tacoma?

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  1. Mai fun (or mee fun) is a thin Chinese variety of vermicelli made of rice flour. For different applications, as you found out.

    You have to get the Vietnamese version, called Rice Stick Noodles, something like this:

    I'm not versed on Seattle area stores, but if you're stumped for sources, I imagine the quickest way is to ask the staff at any pho resto where they buy theirs.

    But I'd be surprised if Asian stores in Chinatown/Int'l District don't have them. Just takes some asking.

    1. Go to Uwajimaya. That's where I buy mine. I think the store nearest to you is in Renton.

      1. Tsu Chong 8th & King
        Just noodles, fortune cookies, as near as I can tell.

        1. Look for packages that say "banh pho".

          Depending on where you are looking, sometimes they might even have it in the "foreign foods" aisle at Fred Meyer, though that may not be the case in Tacoma. Try Paldo World or Boo Han down there, or H-Mart in Federal Way.

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            H-Mart (if it's the Korean one you're talking about) doesn't seem to have Vietnamese noodles:


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              I don't think they put their entire inventory on their website. They seem to have plenty of non-Korean items in their stores, usually. Might be worth a try.

              1. re: HungWeiLo

                Thx for clarifying :-)

                We got a couple H-Marts here too in Vancouver, surely won't be the last. The big guns here is T&T Supermarket:


          2. Thanks all for the leads. I will give Paldo World(never been there but know where it is) and Boo Han a try first. Last resort will be main Uwajimaya

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              99Ranch is also an option. The Edmonds store, right across the street from Boo Han, has a whole aisle of dried noodles, including several widths of the Vietnamese rice noodles (rice paper as well). You could also look in the fridgerated noodles.

              Paldo World and Boo Han are Korean, but do have items from the rest of east Asia.

              There probably are Vietnamese stores around as well. I get a lot of my vegetables at Star Produce near the Lynnwood Trader Joes.

              1. re: paulj

                there's a ranch 99 in kent also. oaktree market has dried and fresh rice stick noodles.

                also, i've been looking for fresh wide rice noodles, but haven't been able to locate any. does anyone know where i can purchase some?