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Apr 1, 2012 12:56 PM

fine foods shops, London

Hi, all--

Visiting London for a few weeks (staying with friends in Camden and have been here about 5 days already)... I've been scouring the London boards for dining, etc. recs, and have found some great things, but one search I'm having some trouble with is finding good sources for specialty/imported foods outside of Borough market. I've got Neal's Yard Dairy and some of the Maltby-area pop-ups for cheese, but I'm specifically looking for shops where I can find top-notch olive oil, vinegar, pasta, olives, salted capers, etc. We're cooking a few nights and I'm wanting to procure some proper ingredients. Any suggestions appreciated.
Many thanks!

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  1. For olive oil,pasta,olives etc,i would recommend Lina Stores in Brewer st.
    Good luck

    1. Camisa in Soho has very fine Italian products. I often buy imported Italian pasta at Whole Foods. They have a very large selection of unusual and delicious pastas, not to mention the oils and vinegars. I go to the shop on Kensington High St., which I think has the largest selection. Some of their other shops are much smaller.

      1. Even though the prices are likely to be sky high, a visit to either Fortnum & Mason or the Food Hall at Harrods might be worthwhile. If nothing else, the elegance with which the goods are displayed is worth seeing.

        1. Perhaps a bit more downmarket, but Phoenicia market in Kentish Town (near Camden) has an impressive array of olive oils, olives, capers, and other provisions from all over the Mediterranean.

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            Also, Green Valley in Marylebone.

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              Great, thanks so much for the suggestions!

          2. Also depends what you mean by 'proper' ingredients. Is it just Italian ingredients you are after? Because there are some amazing Chinese, Viet Namese, Indian, West Indian, Spanish stores where you can source speciality foods.