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Apr 1, 2012 12:35 PM

graduation dinner

Our son will be graduating college in May and we would like to go somewhere special for a celebratory dinner either in Cambridge or Boston.We love Craigie's on Main, but would like to consider other options (only because we've been there quite a few times).We love all types of food, and would prefer an atmosphere that's more fun than formal.

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  1. Now that you started a thread with this title, if you look down you'll see this is a perennial question on this board, given how many schools are here. I've looked at them myself, and there are a lot of places that would fit the bill, like Eastern Standard, and Brasserie Jo. Your biggest challenge is to figure out if there is a Red Sox game on the same day as graduation, so as to avoid Kenmore Sq. (which is where Eastern Standard is), and what other school(s) is/ are graduating on the same day. Wherever you decide, make a reservation asap.

    1. Go over to now to see what choices you have for your party. It is late to get a top reservation like Craigie. It also depends on how many there are in your party. Three or four is easier than 5-8.


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        Mistral is wonderful... Upscale but not stuffy, but very pricey. Via matta has wonderful food and at that time of year you may be able to even eat outside depending upon the weather and how many people in your party. Post 390 is very fun and the food is great. Nice ambience AND I believe it even has valet parking (which in Boston can sometimes be a relief). I've heard that the restaurant where Cottonwood Cafe used to be (I'm blanking on the name right now but you could probably google it) is also very good. I love Eastern Standard but CookieLee is right, it won't be the best choice if there is a Red Sox game that evening.

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            Can we get back to Post 390 having great food?

        1. I'd try for Hammersley's -- lively and celebratory and wonderful food.

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