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Apr 1, 2012 11:48 AM

Best Sausages / Hot Dogs / Hamburgers for grilling - large bbq

Who is going to have good quality Sausages / Ground Beef / Hot Dogs for a large family style grill out

Am I best off going to Schreiners for the Sausages? Or will Hobe / The Meat Shop be equally as good, also i believe there is Von Hansen's

Has anyone ordered a batch of hot dog buns / sausage buns from MJ's bread? They usually do a great job for other items curious if anyone had any experience about the bread portion, or have another recomendation

Don't mind making a stop at a couple different places

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  1. German Sausage Co on 48th and IS still has good brats, knocks, weisswursts and franks. But
    I like the southwestern options at Schreiners especially the pork/jalapeno sausage they sell at Rich's. Great on Kaiser roll with provolone and green chili.

    1. Another specific type of Sausage I am looking for is Maxwell Polish, does anyone have a local favorite around here - to be more specific not already prepared - ones to purchase to be cooked ourselves

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        try Stanleys on 22nd and McDowell. they do polish sausage right

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          what type of sausage goes in a Maxwell Street Polish Dog?

          Fresh Polish Sausage they have smoked as well?

          I looked online at Stanleys and they have a million types - all of them sound good

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            As of a few weeks ago when I tried to pick up some sausages, the Stanleys on Mcdowell is no longer open for business. The sign indicates that it is temporary but there is no indication of when it will re-open and refers customers to their NW valley location

        2. hmm hobe meat groupon that worth picking up? 25 for 50

          1. We have tried many (and I mean MANY) ground beef options, and have settled on picking out a sirloin at AJ's, and having that double-ground. All other "burgers" have come up very, very short, including the "American Kobe," which was a bit of a curiosity, and not THAT good.

            Good luck,


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              Try the Kobe by letting it marinade for a bit in a mixture of Worstershire and A1. I add a Memphis style rub to it and cook it medium rare.

            2. Ended up going to german sausage co - they had a very small selection so left there, went to stanley's downtown who were still temporarly closed - then went to Schreiners, who i should have started with to begin with

              Great selection, all the sausages were amazing, and very good price 48 sausages was around 60-70 bucks and i got all sorts of them