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Apr 1, 2012 11:24 AM

What to order at Saffron?

We're having a staycation and plan on hitting some of the restaurants we've always wanted to go to.

So the first on the list for tomorrow is Saffron. A lot of the posts I found where from before the menu revamp. I found one recent post and it recommended the octopus, green beans and croquettes. Another post recommended the truffle gnocci. Seconds for those? Or other suggestions?

Thanks so much!

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  1. We went way back last October, but the red lentil soup and seafood tagine were absolutely amazing. I don't see the soup still on the menu, and perhaps the seafood tagine has changed with the seasons, but I suspect the later is still worth a try.

    1. The lamb brain is a must have as always. Really enjoyed the baba ghanoush (available as part of their traditional spread plate), but the hummus is excellent as well. Other favorites on the current menu: Haloumi cheese, lamb bacon BLT, kofta meatballs chicken w/ eggplant lavosh.

      The gnocchi and steak are great, but I feel like it's a departure from what the rest of the menu is about. Potato chips and anchovies were fine, I only recommend the tagine if you have a group. Portions are enormous.

      1. By coincidence, Mr. Tastebud & I went to Saffron on Monday night, too. We LOVED it! I'm not surprised that the chef / owner was nominated for a James Beard award. I'll bet he wins one in a year or two.

        Here's what we had:

        - Lamb Brains (Lovely and creamy and delicate and perfectly cooked)

        - Octopus a la Plancha (Wow - very tender, with lots of amazing olive oil and top-quality paprika; this was my favorite dish of the night)

        - Marinated Spring Beans & Peas (Fabulous! Tiny, tender fava beans, with peas, lamb bacon, and pecorino cheese - my second-favorite dish)

        - Chicken Bisteeya (The best version I've ever had; this was Mr. Tastebud's favorite)

        - Moroccan Duck Kofta Tajine (Delicious! It didn't knock our socks off at first, but it grew on us, and we licked the dish clean). We shared the smaller tajine between the two of us, and it was just the right amount.

        - Spiced apple trifle with creme fraiche & salted caramel (Again, we licked the dish clean)

        I started with a Saffron Rose cocktail, then had a glass or two of Lebanese red wine - a perfect match with the food. Mr. Tastebud was the designated driver, so he stuck to water.

        BlauerPlanet, I hope you had a nice meal here, too!

        1. Stopped by just happy hour - but the Kofta meatball appetizer in spicy tomato sauce is worth checking out. Interesting spices including just the right amount of heat. Our bartender suggested 'mystery drinks' and we ended up with vodka based margaritas that were great.

          1. The last time I was there was a week or so ago, and with five people we got to try a range of things. I'll just list everything we had, since there wasn't a dud in the bunch.

            The slow cooked green beans. DO NOT miss these.
            Octopus a la plancha
            White anchovies
            Fried cauliflower
            Chicken & porcini croquettes
            Romaine heart salad
            Chicken bisteeya
            Moroccan duck kefta
            Shortribs tagine
            Whole roasted branzini

            For desert, we all shared the olive oil couscous cake with Earl Grey ice cream and poached apricots, and the kunafa. I also had their outstanding Turkish coffee.

            There is a reason that Saffron is on my top three favorite restaurants list.

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              Oh wow oh wow. I have to get back there. Thanks for that inspiring list!