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What to do with canned meat,

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I managed to "inherit" a can of Kirkland Brand canned chicken, and one of canned beef. I figure that I can treat the chicken like tuna and make chicken salad, which is what I am planning to do for lunch today. However, this can of beef is stumping me..can anyone help?

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  1. Hmmmm. I'm thinking you probably could cook that beef with some bbq sauce and shred it, make a good slaw, and have sandwiches. Or make a stroganoff. Soup or chili would work fine with it also. Heck, you could go South of the border and make taco filling with it.

    1. How about mixing with cubed, boiled potatoes and sauteing a mash?

      1. Shred the meat and make enchiladas! It's super quick and easy.

        1. Depends on how big your can is. I used to can meat all the time (great for when the power went out - we lived in the country). Warm it up and shred it for sandwiches, make a stew, vegetable beef soup along with the previous suggestions from other CH's all work.

          As for the chicken, you can also make chicken a la king, chicken pot pie, chicken salad as you mentioned, chicken and noodles, etc. Let your imagination be your guide. Just because it is canned, don't let that stop you.

            1. dog food....................
              My brother's dog loves it. Our dogs get fresh grilled meats, no canned pr processed food.

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                LOL Bagelman when it comes to the can of beef this may be the best suggestion, I made a pretty decent chicken salad from the can of chicken...and all the suggestions above for the beef sound delicious only I can't wrap my head around using a CAN of beef in lieu of the actual thing, and no....the irony of me being willing to use canned tuna and chicken but not beef wasn't lost on me. but since I don't own a dog I may as well get brave and try something with it, and who knows? Maybe the stuff isn't as bad as my preconceived notion. Thanks everyone for your tips.

              2. I've heated the canned beef for fajitas with the trimmings. Good quick supper. Don't like the canned chicken as well.