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Apr 1, 2012 09:47 AM

Has KFC's chicken pot pie changed? (thread begun April 2012)

They are promoting it heavily of late, on TV and now in a Chowhound banner ad. I haven't had one in years but seem to recall that it did not have peas or carrots. The current one does. I remember it as being pretty tasty though lacking in eye appeal. Am I misremembering, or have they changed the recipe. If the latter, how does the taste of the new one compare to the previous one?

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  1. Changed for the better. Everything in it is chunkier than it was before and the pastry is more crisp (this may be a new heating/processing method or I was just lucky with the timing of the purchase). Not too sure what was changed, but the vegetables also stand out now (as in you can actually taste them for what they are).

    Been a while since I've had the old one, but I do distinctly remember avoiding the crust for the most part and just picking out the chicken in the pie. With the new one I finished off the contents and broke off the crust to dip into what was left to finish the whole thing. That's an improvement.

    1. Had one last week. Not bad. Not bad at all.

      1. We have gotten these a few times and they are really good. The crust is crispy and flaky, the chicken chunks are good sized, and the potatoes and carrots are big and tasty. A good mix of meat to veg. Overall a winner.

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          Oh, but I got a new chicken/rice/bean Cantina thing today and I'm just now getting hungry. I asked for something not battered and it was good. I used to love those pies but the calories turned me off. Tried that pot of mashed potato,chicken, corn.....thought I had died...........ONCE!!!

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            chicken/rice/bean Cantina thing

            Is that the new thing from Taco Bell?

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              The Cantina is at KFC. Has to be a better choice than the Pot Pie!

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                Opps! The Cantina is at Taco Bell. TB and KFC are in the same shop on I-75 in Mi.

        2. I didn't even know KFC has pot pie. Man, I need to get out more. (I like pot pie).

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            not all KFCs are the same, no pot pie here, and i do like pot pie! And in Canada they have poutine in KFC :P

          2. They taste pretty good - an improvement especially since the old ones always seem to have bones in them but seem to be missing a lot of chicken now. Is it because they are now using processed uniform chunks of chicken instead of shredded fresh chicken? I remember them being much heartier in the past. Plus, they seem smaller also. Am I imaging this?

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              Hmmm. I don't know which KFC you ate in, but at my local one the chicken was distinctly NOT processed squares. It had a good amount of real shredded chicken that tasted very fresh. Maybe it's up to the local manager, but I doubt it.