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Apr 1, 2012 09:38 AM

Good coffee (beans) in Sunset Park?

Anyplace good for coffee beans in Sunset Park? I normally go to Porto Rico or Fairway but a friend (sans car) lives at 58th St between 4th and 5th Aves is looking... Any good options?

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  1. I live two blocks away from your friend, and I usually bike or train to Park Slope for coffee--Stumptown at Roots Cafe, Irving Farm at Four and Twenty, or I go to Cafe 474 (?), although can't remember what kind of coffee they carry.

    1. Funny you should ask. My wife and I did a search on Friday for freshly roasted cofee beans in Park Slope, and we ended up going to Java Joe's in Park Slope, on 8th Street, between 7th and 8th Avenues (just steps away from 7th Avenue). It's a tiny place with a lot of coffee beans and tea leaves. We bought some organic French Roast and a milder organic Peruvian bean (which we mix in a 2:1 light to dark ratio at home and grind ourselves).

      We tried the new blend yesterday and this morning and decided we like it quite a bit. The beans are glistening, indicating that they have been roasted very recently. We put them into zip lock bags to keep them as fresh as possible and grind what we need each day.

      My only quibble was the price: the French Roast was 14.95 a pound, the other was 13.95 a pound.

      We usually buy our coffee beans at D'Amico's, at 309 Court Street in Cobble Hill. They roast their own beans (you walk right by the roaster as you enter the store), and I'm pretty sure their prices are a lot friendlier. But we were out of coffee and Court Street wasn't part of our itinerary on Friday, so Jave Joe's it was.

      I should also mention that we found a place called PS Coffee Tean N Spices on Yelp that has great reviews, but we didn't go there. We're going to check it out the next time we need some fresh beans.

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        Yes, but anything around Sunset Park?

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          Oh! Now that I think about it, your friend could walk down 5th Avenue towards Bay Ridge. Once they get past Bay Ridge Ave, there are some Middle Eastern groceries that sell whole bean coffee (in the low 70s). I can't vouch for the quality, though.