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Apr 1, 2012 09:33 AM

Costco Food Finds - 2nd Quarter 2012 [Old]

Please mention your store location when posting, since Costco inventory varies a lot between stores.

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  1. After a long absence, the Mario Batali refrigerated sausage ravioli are back at Foster City. They're pretty good for a quick dinner.

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      Maya Kaimal coconut curry simmer sauce with coconut milk and ginger. Very pleasant, would buy again but there is no way this is medium heat. Very mild which worked for my dining companion. Got this at the montgomeryville pa Costco in the refrigerated prepared food section.

    2. I finally tried the turkey and spinach lasagna with no fat ricotta in the refrigerated food section. Not bad at all. This was at Montgomeryville Pa. Forget the brand name and I tossed the packaging but I'll buy it again for the convenience. I chose to bake it in my convection toaster oven although the directions claim you can microwave it as well.

      1. In the Chicago area there are a number of new dips/spreads that have popped up lately. All pretty good. There's a company (can't recall name) with "no mayo" prominently displayed on the label offering bean-based olive dip and baba ghannouj - both good. There's also a Buffalo Hummos (Hummos with Buffalo wing spicing) - hot and good.

        1. Vancouver BC - chocolate filled mini-croissants. Very nice with coffee.

          1. The Kirkland brand green tea bags. Shockingly good. The tea itself is great, tastes almost like it's pure matcha powder (I actually empty the entire plastic bag into my cup to get all the great powder left over). Even the sachets/tea bags themselves are wonderful - a woven bag with the string coming off the middle of the bag and a paper tag designed to conveniently hook onto the lip of your cup.

            Can't get enough of these. Made by Ito En, according to the package.

            These were found in Northern Virginia (sorry, don't live there, so had to have relatives give me bagfuls of their own).

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              I recently bought a box of Good Earth Tea, just outstanding.

              1. re: cstr

                I can't believe Good Earth tea is still around. I used to eat at their restaurants back in the 80's.

                1. re: rasputina

                  I miss those Good Earth restaurants - there was one down the hill from my house. Best nutty blueberry pancakes...glad I can still get the tea.

              2. re: janethepain

                The green tea is a staple in all the NJ stores I've been in. While I'm not a fan, I work in a Japanese company and my expat colleagues are all big fans of the product.

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                  Yes, Ito-En beverages are huge in Japan. This is a very good product!
                  (I remember reading the label some years back - I don't know if it still says this - but that actually *is* a little bit of matcha powder you are meant to sprinkle on the top)