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Apr 1, 2012 09:23 AM

light breakfast near Luxembourg Parc?

coming to Paris in June & can't wait!
i want to thank everyone who has come before me...i am obsessively reading the boards and making/changing plans. but first things first...we are staying at the Hotel Luxembourg Parc (rue de Vaugirard) and not partaking of the breakfast option there. we don't eat much in the mornings but would like to sit down for a decent cup of coffee and a croissant. also, i get crabby without coffee so i don't want to walk too far.
it looks like there is a boulangerie Paul about 10 minutes away. is that an okay option or can i do better? i am not looking for an earth-shattering breakfast experience, just something tasty and expeditious. thanks for your help!

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  1. If your morning spirit needs to be revived, a stroll to the Boulangerie Paul or any of the surrounding cafés in the very animated Buci quartier might just be what the doctor ordered. Even though Paul is rapidly becoming the boulangerie equivalent of Starbucks, it's actually not bad and the shop on the rue de Seine/ rue de Buci is very strategic for people watching.

    But, for an emergency cup of coffee and a croissant, no need to trek to the rue de Buci. Many many choices much closer to your hotel. The Café Comptoir Tournon on the rue de Tournon, Au Petit Suisse on the rue de Vaugirard/ rue des Médicis with a lovely view of the Senat/ Luxembourg gardens, Bread and Roses on the rue Fleurus/ rue Madame for very superior croissants and the best pain au chocolat in Paris, Café Le Fleurus at the Luxembourg end of the rue Fleurus, an unremarkable small café-tabac with locals (including Catherine Deneuve) rather than tourists and a nice walk through the park from your hotel. If you'd like a touch of glam and history, the Café de Flore on the boulevard Saint-Germain at the rue Saint-Benoit is where the chic folks take their morning coffee. BTW, always specify "croissants au beurre" when ordering or you will get the dull non-buttery version.

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      Bread and Roses also makes a delicious chausson aux pommes.

    2. Café Le Roustang, across the street from the Jardin de Luxembourg, on the side of your hotel, is a very nice café with a transcendentally cute cat.

      Also near you is the Gérard Mulot bakery/pastry shop - 76 Rue de Seine - with a small café section consisting of one cramped table. The croissants and pastries can't be beat though.

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        Love le Rostand too but it's on the other side of Le Luco from the hotel.

        But I am not very keen on Mulot anymore. The more artsy pastry is fab but the breakfasty stuff, less so. And not a pleasant place for having a nice cuppa and breakfast.

        1. re: Parnassien

          "Love le Rostand too but it's on the other side of Le Luco from the hotel."

          From north corner to northeastern corner.
          6 minute walk according to Google Map. I didn't realize that was insurmountable.

          1. re: Parigi

            i will walk 6 minutes for a cat.
            thanks for all the ideas!

            1. re: Parigi

              Not that I would ever bicker BUT the hotel is on the northwestern side and le Rostand is on the eastern side ... I wasn't implying any great distance but simply correcting, perhaps clumsily with my bad English, your "same side" notion ... the compulsion to correct is part of my French DNA... so apologies if it seemed "mesquin" :)

        2. Dalloyau has an upstairs coffee and pastry nook that is lovely.
          Right on circle across from parc at St Michel.

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            I second the recommendation for Dalloyau at the circle at Pl Edmond Rostand, next to Le Rostand. Take your breakfast upstairs overlooking Jardin du Luxembourg. I've had breakfast there myself.

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              And pet the Rostand cat when you walk by.

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              Y'all do realize this is the apex of culture worldwide, -non?

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                Apex ? Worldwide? My my my, the hyperboles.

            3. The original comment has been removed