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Apr 1, 2012 08:42 AM

Santa Fe - brunch recommendations on Mother's Day

Hello Santa Fe Chowhounds-

Thanks for all the detailed restaurant suggestions that are already posted - it should keep us eating well for our trip. My mother and I will be visiting for several days starting Mother's Day weekend, our first visit in many years. I just made dinner reservations at Geronimo, but would greatly appreciate recommendations for brunch on Mother's Day. I assume that a reservation would be wise...? Or is going someplace like Cafe Pasqual without a reservation a reasonable approach? Thanks much, and I'll be sure to post afterwards.

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  1. I'm pretty sure Cafe Pasqual's doesn't take reservations for breakfast/lunch, but maybe since it's Mother's Day, they will. I wouldn't go there that day if reservations aren't a possibility. There's a daunting wait to get in on regular weekends.

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      Thanks, that's helpful. Daunting isn't how I want to start my day. Will go there one of the other days.

    2. I was going to suggest Fuego at La Posada but it seems that Rock Resorts no longer owns hotel and there is no website available?? I had a wonderful breakfast there last year and would recommend it.

      1. Doesn't seem like you're getting too many responses, so I thought I'd put my two cents in. I live in Albuquerque, and I'm sure there are many Santa Fe Chowhounds who know more about good brunch places than I do, but we've been looking for a nice SF Mother's Day brunch spot too, and this is what I've come with as possibilities. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

        -- One of the hotels, as per DebitNM's rec, La Posada, Bishop's Lodge, sort of leaning toward Terra at the Encantado Resort if the weather's nice, as our mother's not really keen on buffets, and that's what most of the other places seem to offer on Mother's Day. Seems a bit expensive for what it is, but maybe that's offset by the possibility of seeing our Mom's beloved Robert Redford. (Have heard three reports of RR sightings there in the last year or so).

        -- Restaurant Martin - - people on this site seem to love it, and we've been meaning to try it out.

        -- Treehouse Pastry Shop & Cafe - -- We've been here loads of times -- a light, bright, casual organic cafe. The farms providing produce for the day are listed on a chalkboard. Order at counter, they bring food to the table. Staff can be young and flaky and its not really a special occasion-type of place, but the food is very fresh and generally good.

        --Rio Chama Steakhouse. . Seems like they have something for everyone, including the dads.

        -- Cafe Vingt Cinq - -- Simple French breakfast food, but we love really good croissants and people here say theirs are great.

        -- The Compound used to do a really nice Mother's Day brunch, but I'm not sure if they will this year. That might be a nice option if available. Again, on the expensive side.

        Popular brunch destinations we've been disappointed in lately are the Chocolate Maven and the O'Keeffe Cafe (which used to be great). Don't know what happened, maybe they were just in a bad patch for a while, but our recent experiences were so bad in terms of both food and service, we're not eager to try again. And, as I said in my first post, the wait at Pasqual's is too much for me on a regular weekend (the staff at the door get increasingly obnoxious as the morning wears on.


        There's lots of great food in Santa Fe. Hope you find the perfect place.

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          I liked our lunch at Cafe Vingt Cinq but it really isn't what I would think of for Mother's Day. It is a cafe in the outlet center. Short on atmosphere, but long on food, so maybe if you mom was more about food, it would work.

          Unless something has changed, O'Keeffe Cafe is closed??

          La Posada had a menued brunch, not a buffet when I was there, but for Mother's Day, perhaps that is not the case. Still not sure what is going on there, website still isn't working and opentable shows no availability

          . Can any SF chowhounds confirm status of hotel/restaurant??

          1. re: DebitNM

            Oh, it's at the outlet center? Thanks, DebitNM, I thought it was in the north part of Santa Fe.... Is that Clafoutis? And is Clafoutis good for brunch?

            I guess it's been nearly a year now since I was last at the O'Keeffe. Wasn't aware it closed. I thought I saw a thread here not long ago about someone having gone with a Groupon. Is the issuing of Groupons a sign of downhill acceleration? But I guess that's another thread...

        2. I'll second Terra at Encantado; it runs expensive, but I think they have the best brunch in town by a good margin.

          1. Swiss Bakery on S Guadalupe is a very welcome addition to breakfast/lunch places. Best croissant in town now IMHO (better than Clafoutis and CafeVingtCinq) and generally wonderful patisserie. Not a long breakfast menu but adequate. A very pleasant space with high ceilings but more of a cafe so smallish tables.

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              Thanks all for the additional suggestions. I'm sure we'll eat well at any of these places. We're staying at La Fonda - is their restaurant any good? I tend to shy away from hotel restaurants in general, but that might be a simple answer too.

              Getting hungry already!

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                I would never voluntarily choose to eat at La Plazuela (the restaurant at La Fonda), but the decor is completely over the top if you're into that sort of thing.

                Another option to consider is Santa Cafe - the food isn't exactly cutting edge, but it's perfectly acceptable and their courtyard is one of the most pleasant places to dine al fresco in Santa Fe (Restaurant Martin mentioned above also should get bonus points for their outdoor patio).

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                  I had a business dinner at La Plazuela about a year ago and must say that the food was significantly better than I might have expected. It's an upscale hotel restaurant that necessarily needs to aim for inoffensiveness instead of chow revelation, but the food actually had some decent flavor, the presentations were remarkably thoughtful, and the prices were a few bucks less expensive than I might have expected. No, that wasn't exactly a recommendation.

                  Agree that the food at Santa Cafe isn't all that, but the outdoor seating (and the indoor seating as well) is really lovely.