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Apr 1, 2012 07:38 AM

GO in South San Francisco

I made my 1st visit to the one week old Grocery Outlet in South SF yesterday. The store seems a little smaller than some of the others I have been seen.

I thought there were a number of interesting wines in stock, including a Monte Volpe Mendocino Sangiovese ($7), a Dancing Coyote Clarksburg Petite Sirah ($6) and a Campo Marin Crianza ($6).

The store is in a strip mall on Hickey Blvd., just west of El Camino Real.

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  1. I went there earlier this week (after the grand opening). The store does feel more cramped due to space.

    I checked out the wine section and the selection was much different from what I saw at Berkeley & Oakland. There were a couple of wines that were sold in the other stores like the Deep Sea Chardonnay and the Bixler Red Wine. Most of the wines here were in the $5.99 and up range with very few $2.99 - $3.99.

    Bought a 2006 EOS Port (375ml) and a 2007 Sumac Ridge Chardonnay from British Columbia, both were $5.99 each.

    Other non-wines deals:

    5 lb bag of red potatoes for $1.50
    Broccoli bunches 69 cents