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Apr 1, 2012 05:32 AM

Computer HD crashed and can't find my fave choc chip recipe (NYC bakery)

Looking for your help. My hard drive crashed and am on my work computer. I have been googling choc chip cookie recipes.
I had one from a bakery in New York City that I had found online and I loved. It's extremely decadent and produces really large cookies I wanted to make for Easter Treat bags.
I had first seem them on TV as being on a show about the best choc chip cookies in NYC. I know it's really vague, but that's all I remember. I make them for special occasions because they are so rich.
I would appreciate any help. Ihave Jacques Torres' recipe as a back up, but I know it's not that one.

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  1. I looked on a food blog and found. It's either Levain OR Blue Ribbon Bakery.

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      When you find it, why don't you post the recipe here or on the What are you baking thread? That way, you can always find it -- and we can try it too!