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Mar 31, 2012 10:27 PM

What is in grocery store meats

Our main grocery chain (Hyvee) went to prepackaged c02 pack meats in the meat case a few years ago. The week they switched I asked one of the butchers what he thought of it. He quietly told me he wouldn't eat it. Since then meat at our stores have just gotten worse. Most of it is gelatinous and slimy both the beef and the pork like it has been treated with something to break it down. Much of it comes from Hormel The rest has store brand labels.

Anyone have a clue what they are doing to all the meat to make it into meat jello? There is nothing on the labels about additives.

Our other big store option is Sam's club, the big cryovac packs always have this thick liquid that doesn't quite seem to be meat juice because it is rather thick and syrupy. Anyone know what that is?

We have seriously cut back in how much grocery store meat we buy because I look at it and it is just unappealing. I have bought more from local farmers and a small meat locker when I can. I am just at a loss for how bad grocery store meat has become.

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  1. I can tell you that in the case of pink slime, it has been "washed" with ammonia during the separation process. Google the rest. Your butcher is smart not to eat it. Too bad he has to sell it.

    1. I don't know what is in it, but I know many people who spend winters in the southern US and they universally find regular US meat to be of lower quality than regular meat in Canadian grocery stores. Not a scientific survey, I know.

      1. The thick and syrupy meat juice in the cryovac packs may be partially myosin, a sticky protein. It isn't something we'd normally see in the past since butchers cut from whole hanging carcasses, rather than having meat cutters in the store cutting from packaged primals.

        I have to say, one of my local markets has switched to the Hormel-branded pork in the black styrofoam packaging, and it's the best pork I've ever had. Despite Hormel's checkered name, being associated with Spam, I don't have a problem buying it.

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          I like Farmland pork products, don;t notice any of that in theirs. Seen it in Hormels stuff, I don,t know if it will hurt you but it is gross. Idon't like the way it kind of "blobs" in the sink when I drain it.