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Mar 31, 2012 09:27 PM

Yang's Dim Sum - A Latest Update

Fellow chowhounder uhockey was passing through Toronto from the States. During his lay over, an 'early bird' Dim Sum gathering was arranged for him to savour some of Toronto's better dim sum offerings. A group of 6 foodies converged at Richmond Hill's Yang's this morning. A variety of both traditional and modern fusion dishes were ordered. These included:

More traditional:

- Har Gow shrimp dumplings
- Vegetarian dumplings with pea shoot, shitaki mushrooms and bamboo shoot fillings
- Taro croquettes
- Chewy, fried ' Harm Shui Gok '
- Steamed chicken feet
- Rice roll Cheung Fun with prawns and yellowing chives
- Northern style dumplings with chive and pork fillings
- Pineapple B-B-Q pork puffs
- Deep fried calamari tentacles with spicy salt and pepper
- Rice Congee with pea shoot, prawns and thousand year eggs
- Egg custard tarts with birds nest toppings
- Pumpkin custard cake

Modern/ fusion::

- Fried Mango and Foie Gras puffs
- Durian Chinese Macaroons

Standard of the Dim Sum was very high by Toronto's standard. Stand out dishes worthy of mentioning included the Pineapple and B-B-Q pork puffs, the Squid tentacles, the lovely textured rice congee and the funky mango and foie puffs. (The crunchy texture of the unripened mango somehow worked well with the mushy foie gras and mayo combo?!).To me, a big surprise was to hear uhockey ( a caucasian ), requesting a bowl of rice congee with thousand year eggs! A truly adventurous eater and request! However, that was later trumped by the two ladies who ordered the Psychedelic green coloured Durian puffs dessert. With the right wind direction, I am sure one can smell the aroma emitting from the morsels all the way from Markham!!

Good food and Great company!! Definitely worth getting up early for, even though it was a Saturday morning!!!

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  1. I was really pleased with the dim sum, as well. I thought the quality of the pastries and all the wrappings were particularly nice. The pastry on the pork puffs and the egg tarts was gorgeous -- flaky and tender and the shell of the harm shui guk was perfectly chewy and crispy (and it didn't ooze grease like many fried glutinous rice pastries that I've tried). The wrapping of the veggie dumplings was so thin, it made the dumplings look incredibly beautiful with the green of the pea shoots showing through (though man oh man, that wrapper was sticky!). The cheung fun was excellent, with a thin noodle and really generous amount of shrimp. And the congee was so good, with excellent texture and a really delicate flavour.

    Lots of food and good company. I will make the personal note that cold har gow that has been sitting on the table for an hour is not so good. :)

    I wonder if being there at 9am and being the ONLY table in the entire place helped? Perhaps the kitchen had time to be focused and take extra care? Or maybe they are just on a good streak. Regardless, it was an enjoyable meal, and fun to meet a visiting hound. Cheers, Charles and uhockey!

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    1. re: TorontoJo

      Second what Charles and TorontoJo have written. :-)

      Nice pairing with tie guan yin, and I'm glad I had a chance to try bo lei (sp?). Best ham su gok, best chicken feet (taking into account it's a dim sum dish I don't order often), and best pea shoot dumpling I've tasted. Take note that I've only eaten dim sum in Canada and the US so I haven't ordered dim sum in Hong Kong.

      Friendly, attentive service, too.

      I'd love to hear about any other favourite dim sum dishes at Yang's that haven't already been mentioned in this thread. I didn't order nor mai gai, lo bak go or jin deui yesterday, but I've enjoyed those dishes at Yang's on prior visits.

    2. Just for the record the durian puffs were delightful. Yes they were fragrant, but to a durian lover the fragrance is good sign. The outside shell although luridly coloured was flaky and crisp. The inside was creamy.
      It was a great meal, I thought everything was great.

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      1. re: sweetie

        Kept enjoying the durian even later, with every burp! Hee hee!

        Won't go on too much since everyone else has covered it, but did think that dim sum was great. Great "skin"; thin with a nice chew, congee was really lovely, and pastry on the flaky dishes was excellent. Would go back.

        --- -- food. is. love.

        1. re: jlunar

          One last thing!! Should have taken a 'group photo' and send it to participants' e-mail!!

          1. re: Charles Yu

            Yang's has always been my favourite for dim sum in the gta. I do miss their xo scallop rice noodle roll. It doesn't seem to show up on their menu anymore.

            Sorry to have missed this, had to work. :(

      2. Does yang's have early bird pricing? Mmm would like to go try the pineapple bbq pork buns. I ate them for the first time in HK this Christmas and ate probably a dozen of them myself.

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        1. re: szw

 it cart service or menu?

          1. re: petek

            Menu, all the high end places are menu

          2. re: szw

            One of the more high end dim sum place. Therefore, no cart service. Our meal was at a weekend, so no early bird discount!

            1. re: Charles Yu

              I was happy to learn Yang's opens at 9 am on Sat + Sun. It's much easier to find a good parking spot when you go for dim sum before 11! ;-)

          3. Aw geez, really sorry I missed this. Loved the pics - and great company indeed! Those wu gok (what you call taro croquettes, what I call hairy footballs) look mighty tempting. So after this return visit, are you still touting Dragon Dynasty over Yang's or is it a toss-up now?

            1. I thank all of you awesome hounds who made this possible - it was one of the highlights on a trip filled with MANY culinary experiences. I'm glad my white-boy status was reigned in by the congee request (what can I say, I love "pudding" textures and both sweet and salty items) and while I'm no dim-sum guru I loved almost every thing I ate (including the chicken feet - new to me, and those squid tentacles which were quite different from any version I'd tried prior.) I also really liked the pumpkin cakes, fried mango/foie gras puffs, taro croquettes, and fried Harm Shui Gok. The group of folks who came out for the meet up were also quite awesome, as well.

              All told, for a region that doesn't get a lot of respect from "Foodies" I had some amazing food in Toronto with Yangs, Splendido, Black Hoof, Buca, Grand Chinese, Bobette and Belle, Pizzeria Libretto, and Borreal Gelato all making strong showings. I'll definitely be back.


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              1. re: uhockey

                Looking forward to seeing you again!! That meet was indeed FUN!!!
                Next time, 'Giant 10+lbs lobster four ways'??!!
                C Yu will See You!!

                1. re: uhockey

                  I tried chicken feet just to say I had done it. I found it something like rope but the sauce was very nice. My Chinese girlfriend laughs at my reaction to the chickens feet but thinks eating a raw potato dangerous and disgusting. Ethic differences formed in the cradle I guess.