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Mar 31, 2012 08:53 PM

Bar Mare Petit in Praiano

High on my list is Bar Mare Petit restaurant in or near Praiano. Recommended dishes? are they open for lunch? General opinions? Thanks

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  1. It's one of a handful of small, rustic-looking places in the cove of Marina di Praia, east of Praiano proper. Those places do a big lunch business.

    1. Just back from a week in Praiano. Bar Mare was #1 on our list of favorites. The family that runs it is warm, welcoming and fantastic. The food is killer. We never used a menu, but just asked Salvatore to feed us. He never disappointed. Seafood is fresh, fresh, fresh. Mama makes the cakes and the limoncellos. You will not be disappointed. Yes, they are open for lunch.

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        thanks Linda, I just gave it a higher rating on my planning notes. Anything else you loved in the area?

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          Will you be staying in Praiano? We did. We also loved Hostaria Il Pino (did a cooking class there that was really fun) and Vivaro Wine Bar - both in Praiano. At Vivaro there is one guy - Gennaro - who is the chef, server, bartender, etc. No menu - he cooks whatever is good that day. We put ourselves totally in his hands and had an awesome meal of sesame encrusted tuna and spicy seafood pasta. Had the best parmesan ever for dessert. He knows his wines and found us a couple of great bottles.
          We also loved Hostaria Bacco in Furore. We did a wine tour at Marissa Cuomo Winery and then had lunch/wine tasting at Bacco. Outsdanding. I think it was a 3 1/2 hour lunch.