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Mar 31, 2012 07:16 PM

Besides Amaya's, who has crispy tacos?

I've been a fan of the crispy tacos at Amaya's for as long as I've lived here. My kids, who used to order the least Mexican things on the kids menu have now grown up enough to appreciate them too, and bug me to go there all the time. I'm actually sick of it. So my oldest says to me "well where else can we go for these kind of tacos?" So can you help my little chowhounds branch out?

Also, if we decide to road trip to SA to do puffy tacos, where should we go?

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  1. Angie's on 7th has this same type of taco.

    1. Jorge's on Hancock, Arandas on S 1st, El Borrego de Oro, among others.

      1. I like the crispy tacos at La Morada; they're not in conventionally folded tortilla shells, but rather in tortilla cups, like miniature taco salad bowls.

        1. I know there are Maudie's haters out there, and I'm only a fan of the North Lamar site, but I do enjoy their crispy tacos. Just standard good stuff.