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Mar 31, 2012 07:00 PM

Thoughts on Seattle Itinerary - LA/OC hound

Hello, coming to Seattle for 1.5 days in May before driving to Vancouver. We'll be in Seattle Thursday and 1/2 day Friday then driving up.

Breakfast: Bakery Nouveau for double baked croissants (the bf looves chocolate croissants)
Lunch: Pike Place Chowder
Dinner: Either Six Seven, Ray's Boathouse, or Elliott's. Looking for well cooked, fresh wild salmon and king crab. Thoughts or other suggestions?

Friday: Breakfast or brunch somewhere before driving to Vancouver. BF can do diner food but I'd like something with more options and interesting food aka hipster (Sadly local 360 only does brunch on weekends). Thinking about....
Skillet Diner - menu looks awfully good

Additionally we'll be driving back to Seattle Sunday afternoonish to catch our evening flight. Any ideas for happy hour or early dinner would be helpful, we missing anything?

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  1. For dinner on Thursday I would go for Ray's as long as you have a car. In my opinon the views and food are better.

    Brunch on Friday - I would give two thumbs up to Skillet, for sure! Especially if you want a hispter vibe.

    For Sunday afternoon, I would recommend the happy hour at El Gaucho which goes all day on Sundays! Sazerac in the Hotel Monaco has a great happy hour as well.

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    1. re: seattlefoodie82

      i'd second Ray's Boathouse. Try to time it with sunset and you'll have a great seafood dinner and a show.

      for Thursday Lunch, although i love me some pike place chowder and it is good, but i feel you can get almost similar replacements for NW clam chowder even at the airport. If your itinerary has flexibility, see if you can get to Salumi's for Thursday lunch or even Paseo's, both sport unique sandwiches they are nationally recognized and locally loved, imo.

      1. re: shaolinLFE

        I second Paseo - hands down my favorite sandwich!

        1. re: shaolinLFE

          +1 Rays. If the weather is nice it will be crowded. Be sure to reserve.

          +1 Paseos. There are two Paseos. The Paseos in Fremont is located in a little chow paradise. Nearby Dot's Deli is great. Housemade Mortadella! U-Needa has good burgers.
          Paseo's in Ballard is by the locks -- Seattle's most interesting sight-seeing spot.

        2. +another on Ray's over your other choices for Thurs. dinner. Tho, you are much more likely to find Dungeness crab on menu's here rather than King - dungeness is our local crab.

          If you are going to follow consensus here, and get to Paseo's (and maybe the locks, which are interesting), do take some time in the Market to poke around, as it is not-to-be-missed for visitors You can always share a cup of that chowder too....

          Skillet Diner is an excellent choice. In hipster Capitol Hill. Great to go for a walk in Pike/Pine after breakfast before you head out for the drive.

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          1. re: gingershelley

            would i expect a long wait at local360 on a sunday afternoon brunch?

          2. King Crab comes from Alaska and generally is always frozen on the boats. Even in Anchorage restaurants, the King Crab being served is previously frozen.