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Mar 31, 2012 06:57 PM

Soup Dumplings on Oahu

Greetings fellow CHounders! I did a search of the topics here on the Hawaii board trying to find a location that offers soup dumplings and discovered Jin Din Rou. Yay! Then discovered they're closed. ....sigh.... Does anybody know of another place that offers this on the menu? My sister lives on Oahu (going on 23 years) and I'm there visiting her a few times a year. My next trip is in about two weeks and we've both always wanted to try these, but in all her years living there she's yet to find them. Hoping somebody has a secret go-to for these yummies!

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  1. Jin Din Rou was the only place that was known for them. I've heard that Panda Cuisine (not panda express...totally different) has them as does Kirin. No first hand experience with soup dumplings at either, but the food overall at both places is very good.

    1. there was an article in the star advertiser about this maybe a month ago. there were several restaurants that had this item. one restaurant was highly recommended. perhaps you can look it up in their archives? if your sister is a subscriber to the paper the online is free.

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        Ming's Chinese Rest. has two varieties, though they are not called "soup dumplings" on the menu. They are Steamed Shao Loong Boun and MAYBE Pan-Fried Special Buns (I'm not sure about the latter.). Also very good is the vegetable mix of shredded snow peas, enoki mushrooms, and firm tofu in a wasabi-oil sauce. I haven't tried the Fukin Tofu, but it sounds delightful! Shanghai style.

      2. I believe, but can't verify, that they are on the dim sum menu at Jade Dynasty Seafood up on the fourth level at Ala Moana Shopping Ctr. Went there once to try them but it was after 5pm and the dim sum service had ended.

        Jin Din Rou had very good ones, with lovely thin skins...too bad they didn't stick around. The XLB at Mings are good, skins thicker. Have not yet tried, but looking forward to the pan fried ones JoeBob mentions.

        1. Many thanks for all the feedback! I told my sister to check into Ming's and Jade before I get there (she's eaten at the latter before but hadn't been looking for soup dumplings at the time). I found Ming's version of the soup dumpling online and can't wait to try out either or both of these places.