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Mar 31, 2012 06:31 PM

2 weeks in NYC

Here for 2-4 weeks from Elay. Just got in tonight. Dinner tonight ate at Fig & Olive. Just okay food. Was here last summer and loved Alta and Upstairs at the Kimberly. Staying in Gramercy Park.

Don't need da Silvano (although I love it) or Per Se again Just would like a few recommendations on places not to miss since we have time. He about some top 5 faves?

Veda Loca

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  1. That is a very broad request for a city of THOUSANDS of dining options from $200 - $5 pp. Keep in mind some posters' favorites may require 3-4 weeks advance booking....

    That said, you should be able to get into these at some point in your 2 weeks. My current favs though none au courant:

    The Dutch
    The Breslin (no reservations)
    15 East (reserve sushi bar)
    Blue Ribbon Brasserie (old standard)

    On my list to try:
    Empellon Cocina
    Aquavit with new-ish chef
    Tertulia (no reservations)

    As well as the hot places right now:

    What is "Upstairs at Kimberly" never heard of it. The Kimberly Hotel in the 50s? Feh.

    1. Where is Elay? What foods might NYC have that your home town doesn't?

      The most popular restaurants in NYC book up about 4 weeks in advance, so you might be able to get into some by waiting for a table, eating there for lunch instead of dinner, grabbing a seat for dinner at the bar, or trying to book for a date at the end of your trip, if you are staying for almost a month.

      Here is a list of my favorites:

      Hard to give specific recommendations without knowing your price range (for food, before wine, tax, tip, etc.) and what cuisines you like/dislike/can't get at home. "Not Da Silvano and not Per Se" still leaves a HUGE variety of options.

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          I did a search and Google Maps took me to Germany, so who knows?!

      1. personal favs:
        frankies spuntino
        kin shop
        danji (resvervations only for part of 6+)
        hunan manor
        momofuku ko
        abc kitchen
        pearl oyster bar (no res)

        from the g force's list above, i'd just mention that while tertulia is very popular right now, i ate there last weekend and wasn't that impressed. if u want tapas would easily go with danji or txikito instead

        i want to try:
        zabb elee
        bar boulud
        boulud sud
        kyo ya

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        1. re: uncledunkel

          I like saying Elay because it makes me laugh. Especiallly after you googling it. I hope you share the laugh.

          I've heard a lot about Momofuku and Ciano. Ciano sounds great. Nothing missing in Elay I just want to eat well and have fun finding new places. I may become bi-coastal soon.

          Thanks again.