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Mar 31, 2012 05:21 PM

Ferry Building Report [SF] - Il Cane Rosso and Mijita

I've been at the Ferry building a couple of times in the past few weeks, and tried both Il Cane Rosso and Mijita for the first time.

At Il Cane Rosso, I tried the egg salad sandwich - served slightly warm and openface, the sandwich is made on crisp toasted bread and topped with garlic aioli, the egg salad, sharp provolone, and some lightly dressed greens. The sandwich was good, although I think I prefer the sharp provolone as a contrast to meat, as opposed to egg. My dining companion had the bolognese, served over polenta, and this was really excellent. Best Bolognese I can really recall eating at a restaurant. I think I would prefer it over pasta, but the polenta was warm and hearty. Very big serving for lunch. I also had a chocolate-chip almond cookie which was not remarkable.

At Mijita, I tried the torta sandwich (with pork/carnitas). It was smaller than I was expecting (most tortas I've eaten have been in the Mission, where they are literally twice as big for the same amount of food). This torta didn't really seem to have any beans (although maybe they were just spread really thing?) Lettuce, mediocre tomato, pork and a dab of something that tasted like preserved lemon. This was a nice little surprise, and added a nice zing to the bites that had it. Probably wouldn't rush back to Mijita, or to this particular sandwich, but it wasn't bad.

Dave MP

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  1. I love meat sauce over polenta, thanks for the tip!

    Dunno how you feel about fish tacos, Dave, but I had a good one at Mijita as a snack in November.

    1. The sopa de albondigas & chilaquiles are my picks at Mijita. The chilaquiles are in a decidedly different style than Primavera's, but, judged on their own merits, are really solid.

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        I love their chilaquiles. For me, a smaller torta would be a welcome thing. They're usually far too big. What if you don't have anyone to share one with? That's why I rarely order them.

        1. re: Atomica

          Can you both provide more details on what the chilaquiles are like at Mijita? I've had the Primavera ones a couple times and liked them but they are not my iconic chilaquiles. TIA.

      2. I had lunch at Il Cane Rosso twice this week and was completely bowled over. The menu changes daily. Their meat sandwiches are killer. First pork shoulder with a spicy red cabbage dressing, plus a great arugula salad with toasted almonds and other good stuff. Second, an amazing ham sandwich with god knows what on it, and a beautiful little spring salad, a chopped salad with arugula, peas, asparagus, radishes, teensy carrots of various colors. Both times I hated to finish the meal.

        They also offer little carafes of wine, a nice touch and the wine is very good.