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Mar 31, 2012 05:05 PM

Wedding menu from Top Chefs

Definitely a fluff piece but the choices are pretty interesting.

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    1. "If there's one thing that guests are sure to remember about your wedding, it's the food."

      I disagree with this premise entirely. I've been to many weddings but remember the food from just a few of them. My siblings and I all had whole hogs cooked and served, that's easy to remember. A cousin had prime rib from which the husband of another cousin claimed to have gotten food food poisoning (he was hung over, free bar all night), but I really don't remember much of anything about the food at other weddings, even the three weddings we've attended in the last three years. Wait a minute, one of those was an Italian buffet which was pretty good. The other two must have been ok, not spectacular. (Probably a chicken breast of some sort, bleh).

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      1. re: John E.

        And I am the opposite. The only wedding that I cannot remember the food at was when i was the flower girl sometime in the mid 80s. I don't remember decorations flowers dresses wedding party or music. But I do remember food.

        1. re: viperlush

          I remember the food too. Both good and bad.

          My second cousin did his wedding up right. He had both a social hour buffet set up where the wedding party was off getting their pictures taken. He had carved roast beef, a seafood bar, various hot appetizers being served at their stations and a pasta station. THEN he had a sit down dinner for 100. THEN they had a dessert bar with hand dipped ice cream, cheesecakes, and THEN they had the wedding cake.

          Then there was the wedding of a colleague where they had a couple of cheeseballs and a punchbowl, and that was it. The wedding cake was really good, it was a carrot cake recipe from the bride's grandmother. But I remember we all went to the KFC afterwards. It was my first Baptist wedding.