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Mar 31, 2012 04:54 PM

hot dog casings?

Can anyone tell me what casing i should be using for hot dogs?

I am looking for the traditional size.. although a little bigger would be preferred ( but not by much)

I know i should be using a sheep casing

but there are a few here:

also.. is this a good price for them? can anyone recommend a cheaper option?

thanks much!

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    scroll down to sheep casings, home pack.
    I have been buying from these folks for years with good luck. Their site sucks so I order over
    the phone on the customer service line and then you are talking to a lady who knows what is going
    on. Just made a kilo of longaniso from a receipt I got down in Mexico, oui la la. Good luck
    Pablito el gordito

    1. Generally you want the 22/24mm size for a normal hot dog but could use the 24/26 if you want. There has been somewhat of a shortage of sheep casings, so they are expensive and the sausagemaker prices look in line with what I paid for a hank from a local supplier ( is $2 less). Eldon is a bit more expensive, but they have a smaller home package which may save you a bit of unwinding of casings and some of the other sites may have significant minimum shipping fees so if you find someone to ship USPS first-class that might be the deciding factor.

      Update: One thing I notices is that the larger pack from Eldon is packed in solution which is nice to work with (still doesn't explain the premium as I pay $35), but if you don't use all of it, I recommend freezing as it doesn't keep as well as salt-packed. Butcher-Packer and Sausagemaker hint theirs are salt packed, requires flushing and more prep, but easy to cut off what you need and return the rest to the fridge for short-term storage.

      1. Try these folks, everything you need for everything.