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Mar 31, 2012 04:43 PM

Where to find Top Notch Container Stores in San Francisco and (Northern) San Mateo Counties

I would like some suggestions from Chowhounds as to what are the Best
Containers stores, especially as this pertains to food and storage, both
San Franciso and Northern San Mateo Counties. Thanks from HeadRanger

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    1. Economy Restaurant Supply:

      If you want the square plastic containers that are typically used in restuarants. Not cheap, but durable. At my workplace and at home, I've got some that are a good decade old.

      1. Try Daiso in Daly City and Japantown and Kamei on Clement St. in SF.

        1. I may be being overly cautious. But I've gotten wary of using plastic storage containers, given concerns re chemicals. I still use plastic in the freezer. But for non-freezer storage, I've gotten great glass storage containers @ the Crate and Barrel Outlet Store on 4th St. in Berkeley and canning jars from local hardware stores (I know you asked about SF/Norther San Mateo--assume the regular Crate&Barrel Stores there carry the same products).

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          1. re: sundeck sue

            I'm with you. Good quality glass containers canbe used in freezer. Have to defrost gently - not submerge in warm water, e.g.

            I get some at Pyrex outlet, online at Second Crate and Barrel and I think Bed and Bath carries some glass too. Got some at Ikea but Luke many of their products - lids weren't the best fit.

          2. Have you tried any of the restaurant supply stores? There is two in San Carlos: a large one on Old County Road and another (different owner) on Industrial (near Best Buy). I don't recall if they have glass containers but the one on Old County has a really good supply.

            Note the Old County Rd store isn't open on the weekends.