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Mar 31, 2012 04:33 PM

Restaurants near Paradise Rock Club...that don't suck.

So, perusing the selection of restaurants within walking distance of the Paradise City Rock Club. I don't feel like driving all around Boston, but honestly, all the places close by look like they mainly serve as pricy sponges for soaking up a long night's worth of booze. I'm not looking for the next Craigie on Main, but I am looking for something a little more substantial than Raising Cane's. I'm going with my girlfriend and I'd rather not be wandering around late at night, so anything close by and awesome would be appreciated...thoughts?

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  1. Brown Sugar Cafe is good Thai, Kayuga is good Korean - are you looking for a specific cuisine?

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      Not particularly, but we'd rather not resort to pub or fast food. Not that that doesn't have a time or place! :)

      1. I'm trying to figure what restaurants near the Paradise qualify as "pricy sponges"...

        Let's see, Shanghai Gate is the best Chinese restaurant inside the city limits of Boston and both Jo Jo Taipei and Blue Asia have their merits as well. It sounds as if you would be horrified by the HKM food court so I won't even mention One of the Kind, outstanding though it is. Ecco makes a fine higher-end pizza. Carlos Cucina for red sauce Italian, Ariana for Afghani as good or bettter than Helmand, Punjab Palace for better than average Indian.

        Anyway, the thing to do at the Paradise is eat dinner first and then go to the club, because you're not getting out of there until after midnight when all the restaurants are long since closed, so just park near the club (there's metered parking galore on Gardner, Ashford, Malvern and Alcorn) and you'll only have to walk a couple of blocks to get back to the car.