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Mar 31, 2012 04:21 PM

ground beef and pasta dinners besides spaghetti?

I am a good cook but want some thoughts for dinner tonight involving pasta and ground chuck. Several different pastas in the pantry. Spaghetti, farfalle, jumbo shells, corkscrews, lasagne, ziti etc... thanks in advance.

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  1. Google baked mostaccioli with meat sauce...

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      We first dined on pasta with Boscaiola sauce in Tuscany and it was made with boar. If we can't find ground boar, we've used pork or beef. Somewhat of a different flavour but always delicious. Here's a version of the recipe that's very similar to the one we use. Of your choices above, I'd use the ziti. We add 1 lb of ground meat after rendering the bacon:

      1. re: Breadcrumbs

        Can I say yum yum?. I have lasagne noodles I can hook up to mimic papparadelli but am missing the mushrooms. I think it is not good to leave out a main component in a recipe, especially one that sounds sooooo good.

        1. re: suzigirl

          I think you're right suzigirl, the mushrooms are really the star of this dish. We keep dry porcini on hand for just such emergencies! Sometimes Costco has large jars of dried mixed mushrooms too...perfect to have on hand in case you're in a pinch.

          I hope you get a chance to try this some really is outstanding.

      2. re: Becca Porter

        Though I like a few recipes I found, I was looking for something out out of the tomato sauce area. I wasn't specific enough. Any help? I grew tomatoes this year and have a stash but am kind of over it for the moment. Please help

      3. Cook your pasta in water or broth. Saute the ground beef along with some onions and garlic.
        Stir in the drained cooked pasta and some soy or teriyaki sauce. Continue sauteeing till the pasta begins to brown a little and the soy is almost all absorbed. You can also add cooked vegetables - mushrooms, carrots, cabbage, green beans, etc. to make a one-dish meal.

          1. re: LUV_TO_EAT

            this was my original thought.

            i also like lasagna rolls: make a thick meat sauce, blanch the lasagna, spread some ricotta along the noodle, then some sauce, roll, repeat. place the rolls in a baking dish and cover with more meat sauce and cheese, then bake until the cheese it bubbly and melty.

            could also make a beef broth based soup, small meatballs, poach meatballs in the soup, add pasta of your choice (farfalle might be good from your list?)

            i also like to make ground beef-based sauces that you dont traditionally pair with pastas and use them on pasta: taco seasoned beef, chili-style beef, sloppy joe sauce and pasta... etc

            1. re: mattstolz

              You may have swayed my dinner thoughts. Homemade sloppy Joe's sound good. I have Martins sesame rolls. Though I still want some non tomato based ideas. I have minastrone in the freezer because of the tomatoes. So the mini meatbal, beef broth soup has been done. I am not trying to be a crab. I am just desperate

              1. re: suzigirl

                well, technically if you were desperate, anything would go.

                how about swedish meatballs? or a white-sausage gravy style sauce, but with ground beef? ooooooooorrrr a homemade hamburger-helper style (aka with ground beef) beef stroganoff?

                1. re: mattstolz

                  Yummm! Swedish meatballs sounds great. Haven't had them in ages. I usually think of them as "party food" but why not? They're delish!!

          2. Maybe a little late for tonight but this "Hamburger Buddy" is good, though a silly name. It doesn't even need the sour cream. And you don't have to use whole wheat noodles.


            And, on occasion, I will even make it with ground turkey breast.



              Try browning some ground beef and adding chopped onion, garlic during last five minutes of cooking. Meanwhile, prepare some wide noodle pasta and melt a medium sharp cheese with some Monterrey Jack. Blend the cheeses with fresh cream and a few finely chopped peppers. Drain the pasta, stir in the cheese sauce, plate and top with ground beef. some chopped tomato and parsley.