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Mar 31, 2012 03:58 PM

Asheville - Kid friendly pizza joint with good selection of local brews.

My Nephew arrives tomorrow with his wife and two well-behaved kids for Spring Break. It is their first time in Western NC. They live in Madison, Wisconsin which has a pretty awesome local brew scene. I need to show off The Beer Capital and all it's spenders and need advice.

Weather looks good on Monday, so a full day at Biltmore Estate (picnic lunch and dinner on site). Many lunch and dinners out for three days. Give me your best kid friendly fun spots with local brews.

My Niece introduced me to 'Wine to Water' a few years ago. A half case of the regional treat I purchased for her. Here is a link to their website: It is now available at Harris Teeters in WNC!

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  1. Mellow Mushroom or Barley's.

    1. Are you looking for more than just pizza? I large percentage of restaurants in ASheville have some of the local brews on tap. Consider:
      12 Bones (always has at least 5 local brews on tap and you can get a 10 oz glass for $2 so you can try several if you want)
      The Admiral (so funky/divey it's kid friendly early in the evening, but you'll need a res). They don't have a big selection, but they always have something by the Wedge on tap. Wedge = good. And it's IMO the best food in town.

      I think both White Duck and the Junction in the River ARts District have local brews on tap. Both are good, casual food w/ outdoor seating, and a tour of the arts district might amuse your guests.

      1. What about Brew 'n View? Good pizza, good beer, and a gameroom (last time I was there at least).

        1. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Asheville Pizza and Brewing Co. yet.

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            Oh, that's actually what I meant. I always call it Brew 'n View, I forget it has a real name.

            1. re: billyjack

              You probably know this, but when it was originally converted from a theater it was called Brew &View. Two Moons Brew & View to be exact.

              1. re: Leepa

                Yes, and the name stuck with me and my friends :)

                1. re: billyjack

                  Me, too. It's always funny when I call it that and people look at me like I'm crazy.

                  1. re: Leepa

                    I'm bad about that myself. years ago a friend who had been to "Hector's" with me a dozen times was surprised to learn it was actually called Salsa. We have also confused a few friends by references to "The Breakfast Place" which is actually Sunny Point and "The Fish Place" aka Blue Water Seafood.

          2. We had a great week showing family the area for the first time. Stocked up their fridge with a Green Man Porter Growler and an assortment of bottled local ales from Earth Fare. Mellow Mushroom had an awesome selection and the kids loved the pizza and fun vibe. Tupelo Honey had a more limited selection of local brews, but what they had was a great representation of the local brew scene. Even found some local brews on the Biltmore Estate, mostly featuring their own Cedrics. We were stuck in the rain today meeting family for a Biltmore wine tasting and waited out the storm at Moe's Southwest for a small plate of nachos and found Highlands mixed in with their selection of Mexican brews.

            We stopped by The Wedge today to take a growler home to my other nephew who happens to have a dog named 'The Wedge.' What a find! "Lucy" my temperamental GPS was very little help.

            Thank you Chowhounders.

            They were amazed to learn about the local beer scene. It was so much fun to share yesterday's news of yet another brewery moving to the area!