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Mar 31, 2012 03:39 PM

Best Breakfast/Brunch on Monday in Montreal

I am visiting Montreal for the Victoria day weekend and looking for a great place for brunch on the monday. No food specifications, price does not matter- I just would like to relax and enjoy the morning somewhere, so preferably a spot with a nice atmosphere that must be open on Mondays for a late breakfast (11ish).
Thanks in advance.

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  1. So many replies on "artisinal" bacon but none here. in case you're still making the trip and if you're downtown, you can try Reuben's near Stanley street and another place I liked a lot is near Guy metro on de Maisonneuve north just west of Guy street called (Hawaiian) Tropicale (or something close to that). Huge orange sign above the windows. Substantial breakfasts such as waffles loaded with fruit, nuts, lebanese soft cheese and honey. Many other options, as well. Their coffee is also one of the better I've had downtown. Queen Elizabeth Hotel has a long standing brunch buffett option. Its pretty reliable.

    1. If in Old-Montreal, I'd check if "Le Gros Jambon" is open that day.

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          The place near Guy Metro is Cocktail Hawaii and is at 1645 de Maisonneuve West. Very kitchy sign in loud colours so its hard to miss. The food is just a bit different, more creative than the usual stuff offered and that's why I like it. For your time of the day, its an option.

            1. re: Professional_Amateur

              I am not sure how many things you have tried at Cocktail Hawaii but, whilst it is not the worst in the city, it is far from the best and I would never recommend it to a visitor. Hungreyabbey, if you do go to Cocktail Hawaii, please order carefully! I went a couple of weeks ago and somehow lost my mind, ordering the "seafood" crepe - shrimp, crab, avocado and thousand island dressing. Not a bad combo, but the crab was imitation crab extender (which was to be expected given the price) but the fact that it was kind of freezer burnt, and still defrosting, was not to be expected and was definitely not appetizing. I felt it was my mistake ordering something like that in that style of place, so my advice would be to choose carefully!

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                Hm, thank you. I think I will go with Le Gros Jambon. That website of Cocktail Hawaii was really just too obnoxious for me anyways ha.

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                  I would double check that Le Gros Jambon still serves breakfast on weekdays. About ten days ago I went around 10:00 and the guy working there told me they now only serve a breakfast sandwich (not even any potatoes or sides) because it was turning out to be too much prep for the cooks. I've had a few choices on breakfast before so I'm not sure if that's a new thing or a temporary thing. The guys serving us was also in a horrible mood but I've had him before and received great service so I assumed he was just having a really mad morning.

                2. re: unlaced

                  I ordered what I mentioned which was fruit etc. I've had it more than once and it was perfectly fine. I don't order seafood crepes in a place that is more along the lines of breakfast food and special juices. I'll go to a crepe restaurant if that is what I'm after. And the person from Toronto who asked could probably stand to be a little more gracious because people with a variety of views were trying to help them.

          1. bagel etc. on saint laurent between rachel and marie anne is nice standard fare and good value. Get's pretty busy on the week ends

            1. So just based on what I think our plans are, I think I will do brunch (after we get into the hotel) on Saturday at le Gros Jambon. Then tour Old monstreal/shop around. Then Im going to do dinner at DNA.
              Sunday, maybe I will go to St viateur bagel for breakfast, Schwartz for lunch, and Au Pied de Cochon for dinner.
              Monday, we will do a brunch at Lemeac, go to the Jean Talon market to pick up a few things for hom, and then an early dinner at L'express before we have to go back to the airport.

              Does that sound good?

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                Lemeac has brunch only on weekends, but do have lunch on weekdays It has much nicer ambiance and is in Francophone area, not far from downtown so you get to explore another area of city. I would check though to be sure open on holiday Monday if that is day your prefer. Otherwise I would go there instead of le Gros Jambon which is a cubbyhole of a place and not terrific service. If not Lemeac, I would prefer brunch on weekend at l arrivage in Old Montreal as view is nice but again not sure if open on holiday.. Anyways you have to check out menus/reviews to see what most appeals to you. Heres a site to help re breakfast choices

                thanks Prof'l Amateur for suggestion about Cocktail Hawaiian as I know it exists but never really tried it out and will be in area quite a bit.

                1. re: mangoannie

                  Lemeac usually does brunches on holiday Mondays, so either way..

                  1. re: Fintastic

                    Yes, that was the website I used to inform some of those choices! I checked, and lemeac is open on monday for brunch.
                    Of the spots I mentioned, any specific dish recommendations that are stand outs?