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Mar 31, 2012 03:33 PM

Felice 83 on the UES- has anyone tried it yet?

Walked pass this very attractive restaurant and noted a high Zagat rating on the signage. Is it as good as it looks?

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  1. Just got back from Manhattan tonight and did a search for this place to see if anyone else had commented. I was there last night and had a tremendous experience.

    I live in Austin most of the time, and having had a lot of Texas Italian food plus a few brushes with the real thing in a few Pennsylvania towns, I am hard pressed to make a ruling on "authenticity" if this matters to you except to say what we had was not traditional in my experience.

    I can say, we were having a leisurely dinner and started with 3 appetizers- but never made it to any of the main dishes as we kept on ordering appetizer after appetizer until we could eat no more.

    The various Crostone were magnificent- and I was especially fond of the Prosciutto San Daniele. Excellent toasted fresh breads, fresh greens and fine meats all around. All the breads are generously buttered which had a very positive hedonistic impact- though I thought the core raw materials were excellent.

    Polipo Grigliato was another highlight if you are an octopus fan- and married to brilliantly cooked diced potatoes.

    On the wine side. the 2007 Fattoria Sardi Sebastiano was quite good- a very robust and intensely fragrant wine (French is more my speciality, but I liked it very much). Overall a very intelligent wine list for those looking for savory, young wines.

    This restaurant's offerings are in not in my general area of "expertise" as an amateur diner, but I am rarely this excited. Some of it- as noted above- is the "pop" of touches like the healthy use of butter, but there is more to it. I certainly plan to come back with some frequency when I visit NYC.

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      I love Felice, and the entrees won't disappoint. There's a pappardelle with sausage and truffle oil that's really great, and the hamburger, while not a hamburger by any conventional definition, is a pretty amazing dish. Plus a great tiramisu if I'm remembering correctly.

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        Felice 64 -- Another vote for the grilled octopus . I was a bit put off by the price but the octopus was tender, juicy and tasty and alot of octopus to boot...I agree with you on the potatoes - what a great combo. For my entree, I ordered a 1/2 order of black squid linguine with lobster and asparagus. What a treat - the 1/2 portion is $14 and you get more than enough pasta and a nice chunk of lobster claw. What they don't say on the menu is that a few of the pasta's (including the ink squid linguine and the ravioli) are housemade. I was not as impressed with the Porchetta Crostini with Apricot spread. I would describe it as a high end deli treat. Very good but not what I expected. The service is terrific. The atmosphere is a bit loud for my taste but I would definitely go back for the food.