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Mar 31, 2012 03:28 PM

Roast Marrow Bone Lovers thank Mayflower Poultry

Ok, you've abandoned monitoring your cholesterol and you love roast marrow bones with good sea salt. Mayflower's your purveyor: got wonderful, cut the long way marrow bones at a killer price, roasted them with some Brittany grey sea salt, served them with parsely and lemon salad and didn't give a damn if I had to take lipitor. Thank you Mayflower

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    1. Thanks! - I go to Mayflower regularly, but have never paid any attention except to chickens.

      btw, recent (last several years) research shows no connection between dietary intake of cholesterol and blood cholesterol levels. This was essentially an assumption made 30-40 years ago, never actually proven, heavily advertised, now debunked. There are other good reasons not to overdue animal fats, but this isn't one of them.