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Mar 31, 2012 01:57 PM

Eat your salad after the entree?

It is my understanding that this is common in Europe. I'm used to eating the salad first but this causes a problem with some home cooked meals. I'm thinking of entrees that need several minutes of last minute cooking and plating but also need to be served piping hot.

For example, we are planning Red Snapper Meuniere tomorrow night. The fish and sauce will not take long at all to cook but I'm not sure that I want to eat my salad first and then cook the fish. On the other hand I can prep all the salad, make the dressing and put it all in the refrigerator. After we eat our fish it will only take a minute to toss the salad.

Also, another alternative is to do as my mom did and serve the salad along with everything else as a side dish.

How do you handle this?

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  1. What are the ingredients in the salad? Ate you serving anything else with the fish?

    1. Before ~ During ~ Never after ~~~

      1. simple.

        - serve and eat the salad.
        - take a break to cook and plate the fish
        - eat the fish.

        No need to rush things out,

        Personally, I'd eat the salad after.


        1. We always have salad after, but we are in Europe. Also we don't mix dressing (except for puntarelle).

          1. I like salad after, just what I grew up with , in NYC, not europe. But I always serve a veggie with the main too.