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Mar 31, 2012 01:56 PM

Mexcal in Worcester

My family and I are having a pre Easter dinner in Worcester the 7th. Typically we head to Via. My daughter and I wish to try Mezcal. I was there awhile back and it was really good. Any comments or another must go to place in the Worcester dining scene? Mom is not too adventurous anymore.

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  1. i've been really underwhelmed with mezcal, with the exception of their guac and margaritas. i've tried the tacos and was not impressed at all (dry tortillas, flavorless). the veggie quesadilla is good and i've heard others having hit or miss experiences with other entrees. i'd recommend reservations if possible as it gets busy on the weekends. Ceres has a new chef if you're up for something like that, i think i remember you having hit or miss experiences there before.

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      oh gosh, last year Mother's Day, mom and Mwynter had a horrid experience at Ceres..I could not pay to have them go. We will likely go back to Via. It's what Mom loves but I so want to try something different.

      April 7 plan - El Basha with my girlfriends and then Via for dinner..what a food weekend in Wootown AKA Wormtown

      Thanks all

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        I second Mezcal, probably the weakest of the Niche group although they did open a second location in Leominister and are planning are going to move where the old shbooms in DTown. Their guac is a reason just to go but for a full meal...Via is a better choice. As for your El Basha question. I never had a bad meal there. It depends what location you go to. I like the Belmont street location as it is closer and much better service. Park Ave....sometimes the service is shaky and parking can be issue for lunch.