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Mar 31, 2012 01:42 PM

Kaiseki in Kyoto

I've been searching around, and am looking for advice on experiencing kaiseki in Kyoto (or Tokyo) but preferably at Y20000 rather than Y40000. I'm staying in muko, but i assume i can get a taxi somewhere for great eating!

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  1. Not kaiseki, but you should definitely go to Okariba while there. Do omakase.

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    1. re: RichardBreadcrumb

      +1 to Okariba. Unfortunately when I arrived I had a limited amount of cash on me and there is no ATM close by that would take my American network. The chef was still very understanding and did omakase within our budget-- infact he made so much food I felt horrible we couldnt finish some of it. Pictures here:
      Another fun time was at Harimaya, my understanding it the chef is the son of a famous kaiseki chef, for the price the quality was out of this world.
      Photos here:

    2. Dinners at Roan Kikunoi start at Y10,000, and at Kinmata they start at Y16,000. The branch of Kitcho in Kyoto station starts at Y10,000 I think. Lunches are even less expensive. ( )

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        To be very honest, I found Kinmata very disappointing, given the reputation it has and the price I paid. I'd much rather go back to Nishiki in Arashiyama for just a little over half the price

      2. Ogata and Gion Maruyama are both wonderful. I think 20000 is enough even for the most expensive menu.