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Mar 31, 2012 01:37 PM

White Wine

I'm a red wine drinker, so consequently know little about the whites. I need several bottles for a get-together. What would you suggest in the $15/bottle category?

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  1. Gail, are you thinking standalone as in a "cocktail party" setting, with apps or individual dinner courses? The context would be most helpful. Also, mainstream (e.g. Chard, Sauv Blanc, Pinot Grigio) or some of the lesser known/appreciated grapes and blends?



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    1. re: PolarBear

      Hi Dave!
      This will accompany a casual potato salad, fruit salad, cole slaw and sandwiches from Max's luncheon. The wine should be kept simple, straight forward. The guests are not wine afficionados. I just want something pleasant.

      1. re: Gail

        There are several blends we've really enjoyed lately that would work nicely for you I believe. The Grape Tray still had the Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc/Viognier last I looked for @ 11/btl. I've been waiting for Sam's Deli to get more of the Tine's White from McNabrige (the Parducci family) so I can grab a case, a steal at under $10, iirc.

        Sam's also carries two other favorites at around the $10 price point, Clayhouse Adobe White, and really great one from South Africa that I thought was called Indara, but I can't seem to get a search to bring it up, go in and ask D'Arcy or Devon.

        If you try any of them, let us know what you thought.



        1. re: PolarBear

          Thanks, Dave. The chenin blanc sounds perfect. The Grape Tray is quite close to me too. Appreciate your efforts with the info.

          1. re: Gail

            Tell Stan I sent you, he might have another suggestion or two, maybe even give you a little discount.

    2. Stick to well known wine varietals from well known areas. Sauvignon Blancs and Chardonnay. New Zealand, California, or France.

      1. without knowing preference of others - i go with inbetween choices - my first preference for white is sauvigon blanc but for parties and a group I go with either pinot grigio or my new favorite albarino - I find that my friends that like chardonnay or sb all like the pinot griogio and albarino.

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        1. re: winepoet

          Intriguing that you've found great crowd pleasing hits with Pinot grigio. I find the average, run of the mill pinot grigio, highly acidic and would assume those who like a softer, plusher wine would not be the biggest fan.

          Do you have any specific recs for Pinot Grigio in this price range? Always looking out for a wine to change my mind about a varietal.

          1. re: goldangl95

            Picked up a couple of bottles of Tangent Pinot Gris at the Baileyana tasting room outside of Edna on the central coast a week ago. Went nicely with some spicy Sichuan dishes and later with oysters and clam linguine. $17/btl iirc.

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              I find the "average, run-of-the-mill Pinot Grigio to be more like water than wine. :( Decent ones (imho) include Kris and Alois Lageder.

              For white wine to go with Gail's menu, I'd like a Chenin blanc -- a little softer than Sauv B. There are some tasty, moderately priced CBs coming from South Africa. (PolarBear, would that South African wine you're trying to think of be Indaba?)


          2. I recently had a great white wine purchased at Trader Joe's. It's called Tres Pinos and it is a blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Gewurtztraminer and Viognier. Quite a well done blend, fruity flavor, slightly sweet and very floral in aromatics. A great drink for novices, plus enthusiasts get to play the "guess the varietals" game. Just $5 dollars a bottle -- truly a bargain.

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            1. re: Tripeler

              I haven't tried that but it sure sounds like a winner for a party. The wines I've served that have received the most guests comments have been viognier and Gewurtz. (i think lots of people have never had a Gewurtz that wasn't cheap and sweet) . I also love NZ Sauv. Blanc's, but I've had a red-wine drinker hate my favorite (3 Brooms), so who knows?

              FWIW,I have never been served a wine labled Pinot Grigio that I could even stand to finish the glass. On the other hand I've had several Pinot Gris that I really like. Same grape...different winemaking styles I'm told. ???

              1. re: danna

                Different wine making styles, different areas of the world. In Europe, the distinction would mean something, but if a winemaker in say, Canada, decides to label something Pinot Grigio or Pinot Gris I'm not sure what you can tell....

                Agreed that the average Pinot Grigio one can find (say in the $10-15 range in grocery stores, BevMo) type places, is often barely palatable. Very acidic and thin.