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Mar 31, 2012 01:25 PM

Food & Wine Selects Primos as one of the best Donut Shops in the U.S.

Congratulations to Ralph and Celia for the selection of Primos by Food & Wine as one of the best donut shops in all of the US. My joke has always been "Primos - Making Angelos Donut Shaped for over 50 Years" but It's obviously a fantastic honor for Ralph and his wife (and two nicer or more deserving people would be impossible to find). Way to go Primos!

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  1. Servorg what do you recommend for a first timer?

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    1. re: wienermobile

      That's easy. A buttermilk bar. I like them chocolate topped or glazed but they have them plain and sometimes with sugar&cinnamon.

      And Frank (the VERY earliest arrival who starts making donuts every day around 3 AM) became a US citizen about 4 months ago and I wanted to give a shout out to him. Sometimes I'll run into Frank as he's unlocking the front door as I am flying down Sawtelle on my bike and we go "Hey Frank...Hey Servorg" (or something close to that for me). ;-D>

    2. I'm surprised that both articles failed to mention the buttermilk bar. And bravo zulu to Frank...

      1. I've gotta give this place a shot but it's nowhere near my general area - Los Feliz thru Downtown. Can anyone recommend something of similar quality over here?

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          I'd have to forewarn you or anyone else about having not so much high, but special expectations. Primo's is a small - very small - old-school family-run shop. The donuts and other treats in there would fall into the classic column. No fo-nuts, no bacon maple donuts, no foie gras mousse stuffed in middle. As mentioned above, their go-to donut is the basic buttermilk bar. I personally like the unadorned plain one the best. You can't hide flaws in a plain buttermilk bar, and their's is the one I anticipate and hope getting when I walk in.

          I feel Primo's strength is in their attention to preparation. Donuts have a relatively short shelf life. It goes without saying that fried food in general starts to go south after a short while, particularly fried carbs. Furthermore, I think if the same oil is used past its prime, it shows in the final product's taste/smell. Primo's makes multiple batches to make sure what's in the case is relatively fresh, and I can't be certain of this, but I think they tend to change out the oil more often, or use a better quality oil than most places (possibly both). So at first glance and first taste, the first-timer may or may not be impressed, particularly if anticipating such things as I mentioned above, but the cleaner tastes and aromas of their treats will hopefully confirm on one's palate that this is what a perfect classic glazed donut, a cinnamon roll or a beautifully unadorned buttermilk should be like. Mrs. Primo's warmth and smile is, well, icing on the donut.

        2. Truly well-deserved accolades... The buttermilk bar is legendary. Their simply glazed doughnut, when it comes piping hot out of the kitchen around 6:35AM each day, is a bite of heaven itself.