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Mar 31, 2012 12:54 PM

"Generic" Stainless Steel Riser?

We have finally settled on the Wolf 36" gas range with the broiler, but are still wrestling with the riser. Some info outlets say a minimum of 10" riser is required for the model we've chosen.

Wolf sells a 20" riser that would fit the space well, but its MSRP is $689 (gulp!).

Does anyone have a recommendation on whether or not the riser is TRULY "required"? We are in Canada and no gas fitter or contractor I've spoken with believes it is code to have such a thing.

Likewise, has anyone had success in using a non-brand name riser? Surely they exist, somewhere?

Thanks to all who respond :)

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  1. We ordered ours with the Blue Star and got the shelf with it. I would check with the local fire department regarding code requirements. I am not aware of any aftermarket risers. Good luck.